Heat Wave

Autumn.  When I was teaching ESL to adults I would have them brainstorm at the start of each new season and list the colors, clothing, weather, activities, etc. for that season.  Then they would take the ideas from the list and make sentences, if they were beginning students, and a paragraph if they were more advanced.  And so, at the start of this new season I am reminded of their lists of ideas as fall clothing and decorations replace the summer displays at department stores.  At home as well.  My son had pulled out a tray of olive oil drizzled yams from the oven, and the color…well, autumn.


The beach and the color blue was never associated with fall, but today in Los Angeles we experienced the first day of a heat wave.  A walk along the shore this morning at 9:30 was quite warm.  Actually hot.  But the ocean was cool on your feet and the color matched the royal blue of the sky.  Gorgeous.



I saw an excellent movie with a phenomenal true story.  The name is “Pride.”  It takes place during Margaret Thatcher’s term as Prime Minister.  The miners in Wales were on strike for a year.  A small group of gay activists decided to collect money to help the families.  The unfolding story of awareness, growth and solidarity was truly uplifting, and demonstrated what can be accomplished by being open to the idea that equality is not exclusive. The characters really made you feel the struggle, the Welsh countryside was beautiful, and Bill Nighy once again showed the British mastery of the art of acting.


Besides my mixed media pieces, I’m working on a map series.  I’ve loved maps since I was very young.  My brother and I had a stamp collection as kids, and the names were so “foreign” sounding.  Iran, Mozambique, Borneo.  We’d have to look up the locations on a map.  It was always a mystery what these places were actually like.  The world seemed much larger then.  Now we are so connected to every name in a world atlas.  But the names, locations, even the different types of maps were interesting.  I remember that the ones depicting vegetation were the most colorful, with stripes resembling a rainbow.  In my map series I’m using many different mediums.  Below is one that at this point resembles a quilt, but it is only in its beginning stage.


“Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished?  Yes; work never begun.”    Christina Rossetti, Author

Begin something.


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