After the Rain

It was a beautiful day after long awaited rain in the Los Angeles area.  Crisp air, bright sun, blue sky.  A perfect day for another stair walk.  This one was actually in the neighborhood of a friend, so we went together.  It is the Glassell Park/Mt. Washington area beyond downtown. A lot of older and renovated houses and very charming.



It had one large staircase with 102 steps.  The steps had also been renovated, and someone had painted very lovely scenes at various intervals along the way.


Lots of pretty details on the houses we passed.


After completing the stairs and a lot of walking on winding uphill streets, we came to a panoramic view stretching from Eagle Rock to Pasadena and beyond.



A plant that caught my eye (through a fence, hence the white spot).


A final picture from the painted steps.


When it was time for me to head home I got into my blue Honda Fit and hit the freeway.  And although it was a gorgeous day to be outside, the freeway was generally free of traffic, lucky lucky me.

“Weather forecast for tonight: dark.”

George Carlin




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