Rainy Day Schedule

A little more Christmas and a lot more rain today.

Something I put up with my decorations is a small watercolor I painted right before Christmas many years ago.  It makes me think of that time in my life, like when you hear a particular song.


It rained REALLY hard today.  From drought to monsoon.


Christmas cookies I made while it poured outside.


One of the many Christmas vignettes I set up around my house.


I’m making my way back to my mixed media pieces.  (Lots of Christmas distractions).  A small segment from one of them.  Paint, paper, fabric and thread.


I’d like to make a habit of doing a daily sketch.  It would be so creatively helpful.  A first step below.



It is the final week of the Colbert Report on TV with Stephen Colbert.  I will miss one of the most uplifting and funny half hours of each day.

“Thankfully, dreams can change.  If we’d all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.”

Stephen Colbert





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