Far From Home

There were a couple of years a while back, that I was far from home during this first week in January.  The winter weather in England and Italy was pretty typical for those places, and since we are experiencing similar weather here in Los Angeles (not typical) my mind is drifting back to those experiences.  Even though our world seems a little smaller now, with easier access to information and opportunities to see more of it, I am always impressed when I stand on the ground in a place so far from my home and think of the goings on in the place I just left.  Then for a few days when I return home, I can still feel the experiences I had while I was away.  I find it pretty magical.  And although planes make travel faster than the transportation people had available long ago, the ability to see places so far away is also magical.


I took photos from my photos so these pictures are pretty grainy, but I’m going to share them anyway.  This first one is London where it rained a lot of course, and was VERY cold, and is also where I started my Starbucks hot chocolate obsession.  What a joy going from the cold outside to the warmth inside that Starbucks then holding and sipping my hot chocolate.  On the top of my list of simple pleasures.

Living in Los Angeles, I was never fond of our (occasional) rain (we are so spoiled), but after experiencing English winter weather (although yes, not for a whole winter), I came to really love rain.  And although it rained most of the time I was there, the sun came out on New Year’s Day at the place of Winston Churchill’s family “home.”  It is actually a palace called Blenheim Palace.  The picture is of some of the grounds.  I just liked the vastness and serenity of it.


The next picture is a street in Rome.  It was one of the places I really enjoyed just walking around because of its relative peacefulness.  Needless to say, there were a LOT of tourists.  Strangely I hadn’t expected that in winter, but it was the holidays.  Below the Spanish Steps there is a street filled with designer shops.  It was a sea of humanity moving down that street.  More people than at the big tourist spots.


On a day trip from Rome to Assisi (below).  Some little clay angels out to dry.


As a young child, my brother and I had a stamp collection.  The names of the places conjured up so much in my imagination.  These were places in the 1950’s that no one knew anything about except what you got from an encyclopedia.  And even then, information on “Mozambique,” “Iraq,” “Borneo,” “Bulgaria,” and others whose names have since changed, did not give you anything to really understand the place.  There are so many places I won’t have the opportunity to see, but fortunately there is so much information now that allows for better understanding.


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