Random But Connected

I was glancing through some photos I had taken and noticed a lot of orange.  And as I was doing this, the sky outside was getting orange as well.  I ran out to take a picture before it went away.  As the sun is setting, that brilliant color seems to vanish very suddenly.  Now I have one more random picture to add to the others, with color being the only thing tying them together.  While teaching ESL to adults for many years it was necessary to plan an evening’s lesson using a theme.  Usually it was a particular part of speech used in different ways such as conversations, stories, and actual grammar practice. The repetition helped them to grasp it and remember more easily, as well as seeing how it was used.  When I write posts for my blog I find myself still needing a theme.  So maybe for this post, the theme will just be the similar color in each of these disconnected images.  Here goes.

The first is a watercolor I painted a few years ago from a photo I took in Hawaii.P1020946

Next was an exhibit at the Los Angeles Folk Art Museum.  This “pile” consisted of 2000 hand stitched objects symbolic of actual people’s wishes, needs, and ideas of personal happiness.


A mural on a restaurant wall in downtown Los Angeles.


The setting sun this evening.


I went to the animal shelter today.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get the the sweet faces with their hopeful energy out of my mind.  Perhaps that’s why I was looking at random pictures, until I could get a flow going again.  Random but connected.  Like everything in life.



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