Seeing Red… and Blue and Yellow and Green…

In my drawing class which is now painting, I did this a couple days ago.  It’s not finished, but I’m excited about the style we’re learning.  A lot of layering, and some reference to Wayne Thiebaud.  I’m enjoying playing with color.  It’s always interesting and sometimes breathtaking to see something that’s not the color we are used to seeing.  A lavender sky, a turquoise ocean.


I’ve been watching the birds in my neighbor’s and my yard.  She’s got the feeders and I’ve got the bath.  Love to see the different colors.  The brighter ones are the males.  Lots of beautiful hummingbirds, but no pics yet.  In this area we get ones called “Anna’s” hummingbird.  I also need to get pictures of the “Mourning” doves that come around.  Their coloring is pale, doesn’t stand out.  But if a bird can have a sensitive face, then these are the ones.  Maybe that’s where they got their name.

Some morning activity…





No birds here, I just liked the bark.



Afternoon activity…  A Cooper’s Hawk in the birdbath.


And late afternoon… Can you see the moon?


When you see reds, blues, yellows, greens, subtle or bright, natural or unusual, how does the color of something make you feel?















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