Art, Rain, and Empty Cupboards

I was working simultaneously on a colored pencil drawing and a painting in my art class.  We needed to choose an animal picture to draw from.  I found one in an old National Geographic.

For the painting I used acrylics and tried layering color for the desired effect, staying away from black.


For the pencil drawing we used gray paper and ad markers to establish the light and dark areas.  The markers also help attain the darker shades, because the colored pencils tend to saturate the paper.


We have been having chillier weather than usual for May, but very beautiful.  Our governor has called for cutbacks in water usage due to the very small amount of rain we got this year.  But, lo and behold we got some last week, in MAY.  Still not enough to resume using water as usual.  But it brought some beautiful puffy clouds when it ended, which we also don’t get to experience a lot in LA.  Below is a photo of the end of the rain, and end of the day magic hour, an expression coined by my photographer husband’s co-worker, also a newspaper photographer.  It’s very appropriate to explain the way the sun illuminates the foreground against a dark background.


With the moisture came some mushrooms. These were not there in the morning, and just a few hours later there was this whole colony.


I’ve been trying to “get rid” of so many things that I’ve been saving just for the sake of saving.  I do this every so often, but this time I really want to make a dent.  I’ve actually  EMPTIED a few cupboards.  A lot of what I’m going through are “saves” from my childhood that my mom saved, and gave to me, to continue saving.  But there just isn’t any need to hold on to things that only sit in cupboards and drawers.  A FEW things, yes.  For example, I have some very old Little Golden Books.  I even started going to flea markets and bought more.  But at this point, I don’t need to keep them all.


As I’ve been going through some of the books, the pictures are still so familiar, as are the covers of Nancy Drew.


I’ll probably have a little yard sale, and some of the things I’ve been saving will make their way into someone else’s life, and eventually wind up in another yard sale, or flea market, or thrift store, and then…ah, the fun of recycling.











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