Playing, Walking, and Playing While Walking

I had a lot of fun making a mini quilt to patch my jeans.  It wasn’t as teeny tiny as I had originally planned, but they’re just my work around the house jeans.  It was fun because it felt like play.  Didn’t have to put in the kind of thinking that goes with a real quilt.


The next day I went out to the little studio house, but didn’t have anything specific in mind to draw or paint.  Sat for a while, and then took out some oil pastels. They’re kind of fun when you don’t have any particular ideas going, because they’re similar to the crayons you used as a kid.  Instead of paper, I took a couple pages from the old French literature book I had found at a thrift store. Browsed through some art books and started playing.  I made a drawing from a Cezanne painting, and one from a Vanessa Bell painting.  She was part of the Bloomsbury group in England that included painters and writers such as Virginia Woolf.


This evening I took Maggie and Charlie for their walk.  Just as we started out, the moon appeared between the branches of a jacaranda tree, so it seemed like a good idea to go back for my camera.  Maggie usually likes to go at a more steady pace.  A little stopping along the way.




Charlie likes to stop constantly.


Some serious things going on too.  So much serious in the world now.  Remember to take a little time, to play.


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