Down Came the Rain

The rain came… in July, to drought stricken southern California.  Amazing to all.


There have been huge clashes of thunder.  “Weather” is so exciting to southern Californians because there’s rarely a huge change in it.  But although it’s raining, you can still go outside in your T-shirt and flip flops, because it’s July.  A strange dark winter looking day in July.

I met today with a nonprofit organization that is going to help beautify the animal shelter with some painted murals.  The goal is to make it look like a more inviting place for prospective adopters to enter. Many people have told me that they can’t come to the shelter because it’s sad.  But maybe if we get them in the door they will take home one of the many incredible animals that continue to come through the shelter’s doors.  Pictures to follow when the project gets started.

I’m lacking in a cohesive theme of photos to post, but I was inspired by Carol and her Tall Tales from Kansas blog.  She coined the phrase “random moments of wonderfulness.”  I have some of those.  So as the warm rain is keeping me inside, I will gather them up and share.

The first one is an art piece from a small local museum I visited.  All of the blue is painted gauze fabric, with holes in it to reveal the wall behind.  It was very stunning.


A passion flower on a fence at the shelter.  It’s very three dimensional in person. Amazing actually.IMG_0075

A hummingbird taking a rare break before the rain came.


I really like the foreground to background angle of the telephone poles in the photo below. Something I remember trying to do in a beginning perspective drawing class.


Photos are fun, to take and to look at.  If you have a camera, get out there.  If not, pick up a magazine.  Enjoy.



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