It’s been VERY warm here.  Today was VERY bright and the sky VERY blue.  Here’s how it looked along the So Cal coast.  They’re telling us to expect an El Nino that will bring us A Lot of rain in the fall.  Fingers crossed.



Since only one room in my house has air conditioning, it’s been almost too hot to sit down and think of creative ideas.  I don’t keep an art journal, but I scribble on paper or pages from a vintage French book.  Maybe one day I’ll make a journal for them if I amass enough for a journal.  So the following sketches are all I could muster in the heat.  The first, watercolor, the second, colored pencil, and the last oil pastel.




I think I’ve mentioned how much fun oil pastel is.  It’s like coloring with crayons, but you can smear it a little.  Even more fun.

I’ve been continuing my trips to Starbucks, but it’s actually been too hot for hot chocolate.  I’ve been getting chocolate milk with ice. Very tasty. There’s a small counter against a wall at Starbucks where they have the napkins and straws.  Above the counter is a bulletin board for flyers of adoptable dogs and local events.  But recently, in the middle of them, there was a tiny pen and ink drawing on a napkin.  It was such a pleasure to stumble on this spontaneously created piece.  No artist signature.  Just there, held up by magnets for people to see and enjoy.


A long time ago I painted a little acrylic picture, and put some random words on it that I saw in a magazine layout for a yard bake sale.  Like a garage sale, but baked goods.


I liked the effect, so along with my sketches a few days ago I made another small acrylic with lettering.  (Something that didn’t take a lot of thought in the heat, but kept me in doodling form).


Enjoy these continuing summer days and keep doodling.

P.S.  Charlie says “hello”.









2 thoughts on “Doodling

  1. Stay cool. We will be 90 tomorrow and steamy. Today not so humid. Ocean water is still warm for a few more weeks. I like PIE very much so simple but pretty. Enjoy and fingers crossed rain will come, you all need it so much out there. xox

  2. Hi Charlie! I do hope you get rain!! and that it cools off a little. Well, you won’t believe it–I posted on my blog–in fact..there are 4 posts all about the art retreat i went on with my yahoo group friends to North Carolina–hope you will stop by my blog.

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