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I think the cutest thing EVER, and consequently uplifting, was in an article I saw online about an 80 year old man in Texas who rescues abandoned dogs left near his home.  He lives at the end of a road, and people just leave their dogs when they are no longer wanted.  He takes them to be spayed or neutered, feeds them, and takes care of them on his farm. He currently has nine.  But the best thing about the story was the dog train he built for them.


They love it so much, that when they hear him start the tractor engine, they run and jump in the little “cars” he made from plastic barrels.  Then he takes them for a ride around town.  The article came with a video showing the dogs all barking as they rode the “train” through town.  Absolutely fantastic!

I don’t have anything I’VE done to top that, but I have been continuing to work on my small acrylic panels and started some fabric appliques.  I’m hoping to make quite a few and sell them at a venue coming to LA in the spring.




My bougainvillea is monstrous.  Dangling over it’s arbor on all sides like an umbrella.  Actually, like two umbrellas.



Still jumping around to different mediums, which included a pen and ink sketching class. Primarily a sketchbook class for travel adventures, so I brought some photos from past trips. It was suggested we get a Pentel Precise rolling pen as well as a Pentel sign pen.  My first attempt came out more rendered than sketchy.  Practice, practice, practice.


You can’t really tell from this little still life taken on my patio that’s it’s still full on summer here, but I had to take TWO water breaks at the animal shelter yesterday, compared with my usual ONE. It was HOT.


To keep the momentum going from my sketch class, I did a real quick one, trying to be sketchier.  (Below)


People have always been difficult for me to draw, but I think I could get into this style.  Fun fun fun.

If you want to experience the dog train video go to

and listen…





3 thoughts on “Dog Train

  1. The dog train is just fantastic. As we have 5 rescues here, I can so appreciate how much they must love this man and his brother. Nice work on your drawing table. xox

  2. Oh where to start–the dog train–isn’t it adorable! and our dog Sparky “talked” to us all the time–we had only to look in his eyes to know what he was saying! Your bouganvillia is beautiful!! Your sketches are really good, but I understand wanting that “sketchy” look. I love your first painted/stitched panel and the house you are working on looks really interesting–I like anything with little houses on it. You left a comment on my blog and I was going to email you, but couldn’t find an email anywhere, so here is the answer to your question about the tiny embellishments and detail. It’s a combination of things. When I first start a painting one of the layers contains lots of pattern stencils-so those show through; I have also stamped small patterns in black ink onto very thin paper and I apply these to the painting and put a thin layer of paint on them and then I also add marks and embellishments with paint.

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