Sun Bleached Hair

We’re experiencing a sudden change in our LA weather.  From summer hot to autumn cool.  At end of day yesterday, the light along with the breeze made the plants look like sun bleached hair.


Today I was in San Pedro, a port for international freight.  On a hill overlooking the ocean, there’s a huge bronze bell. It was presented by the Republic of Korea to the American people to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. and symbolize friendship between the two countries.  There are beautiful designs on the pavilion that covers the bell.



The surrounding scenery was equally beautiful.  Blue sky blending into blue ocean.



But the best part was the gorgeous air.  And combined with a great vista… ahhhhh.

I made a few sketches for some ideas rolling around in my head.  I want to use some of my linoleum stamps on paper.  I usually use them on canvas.  But I’m also in a fabric mood and want do some applique.  Can’t ever seem to zero in on a particular medium.  So I just follow the ideas as they come.


I hope you are enjoying a changing seasonal flow, and with it, a flow of creativity.


4 thoughts on “Sun Bleached Hair

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, and I followed the link to yours. Loved your needlework bout the Rhine, really beautiful. Bacharach is a gorgeous place, I stayed at the castle with a class of students many years back, we had fun. Thanks for sharing the link, hugs, Valerie

  2. When I first moved to CA in 1982 I lived in San Pedro, about halfway up the hill between the harbor and the bell. Loved hiking up there to take in the great view. I lived in a nice 1 bedroom apt with an ocean view for $400/mo. Coming from the brutal winters of Chicago, I thought I’d moved to paradise.

  3. I’m like you– like to work in a variety of mediums– just like your blog which has a variety of subjects–I like that a lot–very nice drawings at the end here.

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