The Arrival

El Nino has finally arrived.  No flooding yet.  Tiny intermittent breaks in the downpour, just long enough for Maggie and Lucy to run outside.  Charlie is still waiting for the sun to come out.  Soon I will don my rain jacket for my daily walk.  Last Sunday my two fellow Camino walkers and I finished  14 miles in one stretch, stopping of course to eat some cheese and granola bars. So it’s seeming more doable.  I remind myself that we will cover that distance everyday.  I’ve been reading some books in preparation.  It’s interesting to get other people’s views on walking long distances.  One of them is The Pilgramage by Paulo Coelho.  Kind of a metaphysical read.  The other was recommended by Janet Ghio whose blog is Janet’s Art Play.  The title is The Art of Pilgrimage by Phil Cousineau. The forward of the book set the tone for for what I’m hoping to get from the Camino experience.  “Travel brings a special kind of wisdom if one is open to it.”


One of the 2016 themes in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine is going to be Art in Nature.  I submitted a few samples of my stitched acrylics.  They all have a nature theme using linoleum stamps or real leaves.  It will take a few months to find out if they have been accepted.




Looking at the stitched line patterns reminded me of a project I did in school many many years ago. At the time, I took black and white photos of lines on things that were man made or in nature.  So as I was walking recently, I looked for some, although this time the results are in color.







The sun came out for a brief moment, but Charlie still declined to venture out.  There was a fleeting rainbow, but both sun and rainbow left as quickly as they came.  The rain resumes.


Stay dry, and enjoy whatever the day brings you.






2 thoughts on “The Arrival

  1. Great stitching. I’m sure Coehlo’s book will be wonderful, he is quite the writer. Sounds like this will be a totally do-able thing. Enjoy the practice. Hope the rains are too awful, but you do so need the rain in So-Cal don’t you. xox

  2. Oh i love the stitched piece with the green background and you “lines” photos. You got the book!! I’ve read Paulo Coehlo’s book. I loved it and I managed to get the book you were reading that was translated from German–it’s in my stack of library books. It’s very cold here and we have been reduced to walking at the mall!!-(not much nature to look at there–but it is warm and dry! 14 miles a day for how many days? Will you take a day off every now and then?

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