Going the (Twelve Mile) Distance

A small watercolor for Sunday Sketches over at Blue Chair Diary Blog.


I can never decide which direction to go in creatively.  I’ve signed up to take an online watercolor class with illustrator Alexandra Mac Vean at Blue Chair Diary Blog. I love watercolor used with sketches and illustrations. But I also love the colors and style of painters like Matisse, Auguste Macke and Vanessa Bell. And I love mixed media.  I need to get a few supplies for the watercolor class, so in the meantime, I played around with some acrylics yesterday.  I’m not finished with the curtains and table, and I’m going to add some fruit. If I put it aside for a bit I can look at it with new perspective.


This is an acrylic I did many years ago.


I found an article in The Huffington Post with photos of absolutely amazing street art done by a FEMALE street artist in Afghanistan, Shamsia Hassani.  It is worth going to Huff Post for the article and all the photos.  Here are a few.




We actually got a day of rain this week following one that was 93 degrees. I think everything in nature must be somewhat confused.  Signs of spring are appearing, but we’re all hoping for a little bit of winter before winter is over.


Preparing for the Camino today, I rambled along pedestrian walk ways that run along the sand while looking out at the ocean, through the beach towns of Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhatten Beach to El Segundo.  For middle of February, it looked like a typical summer day.  People flocking to beaches to lay in the sun, walk dogs, and ride bikes. We ended our twelve miles here at this little side street where the walk ways stopped.



“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”   Marcel Proust

Enjoy a new week of discovery.



8 thoughts on “Going the (Twelve Mile) Distance

  1. Both your watercolor and the acrylics are very lovely. I don’t think there is anything wrong with loving different kinds of styles and different media at all. I am the same, maybe worse, because I dabble in a lot of them plus digital, too 🙂 I think the main thing is to stay creative and have fun doing so.
    Walking the Camino sounds amazing and, honestly, I envy you for your weather and views, of course, I do know the downside (drought in CA…), but I am a summer person and cannot wait for it to arrive here in NJ.

  2. Love your paintings,acrylics are a little easier then watercolours to use don’t you find,more time to work on them
    Donna xxx

  3. Barbara – your little watercolor painting is so pretty. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the beach areas. I love to explore also. We moved to the mountains of San Bernardino a few years back and are enjoying exploring up here but I love to coastal areas also. We usually go to central coast but after visiting here I realize I need a trip over to those areas you mentioned – it’s been years.

  4. I really like your chair painting and very nice watercolour. Hope you enjoy your class.
    Wow, the street artist is so talented, that piano picture is brilliant!

  5. I love the little watercolor. Will you take a little sketchbook and travel watercolors on the Camino? But you may be so tire at the end of the day that you don’t want to sketch!! It was 70 here on Saturday!! We loved it but the birds and squirrels and all of nature are so confused. I will check out the street art and the watercolor class!!

  6. Lovely paintings, Barbara. I’m excited you’re taking my class and know you’ll enjoy it. 🙂 Your acrylic paintings are lovely! LOVE the chair. Hope you have a lovely week and so glad you joined us this week. 🙂

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