“Discovery consists of looking at the same things as everyone else and thinking something different.”

Albert Szent Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology/Medicine.

Kioki 600px captioned

I received this fantastic photo with the accompanying quote in an email from Save the Chimps.  It is an organization that provides sanctuary to chimpanzees who have spent their lives in medical research labs.  If you are interested, you can check out their site at

A few sights from my walk the other night.


a fellow traveler through the neighborhood.



This morning after some rain last night.


And a few watercolor sketches. practice, practice, practice. What I really need to practice is patience.  I’m not good at waiting for the paint to dry.




I know this one looks like moldy cheese.  It’s actually a piece of blueberry cake. (practice practice)


The wind is blowing outside, the sun is shining, but promise of more rain tonight. Fingers crossed.  Have a wonderful Sunday.



4 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. your sketches are beautiful, all of them. i can top you – in impatience;) i don´t even begin to sketch because i hate the practice Thing!!
    fun chimp photo and quote!
    and awesome photos… i´m such a tree Lover, i could photograph them all day Long…
    what a great pink spring Color in the freshened air…
    have a great week! 🙂

  2. I like the idea of painting the watercolors on book pages and the one with the flowers in the circle looks very promising–would like to see it finished. What is that fabulous beautiful yellow flower in the photo?? I think Kioki may be a bit nearsighted. p.s.—good thing I am a math wizard or I would not be able to leave a comment (this is the first blog I have seen math problems on–hope it won’t involve any algebra!)

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