Spring Stuff

Charlie pretending he’s a RABBIT.


SPRING colors


SPRING decorations


SPRING in the air (that’s the Pacific Ocean beyond the park).


I saw an exhibit of California Faience pottery and tiles yesterday. California Faience potteries was established in 1913 and came out of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Photos were not allowed, so I took a couple from their brochure and cards I bought.  They don’t do justice to the originals, so if you’re interested, you can google California Faience.  A lot of Art Deco style in the pottery.


Also on exhibit were the gorgeous watercolors and block prints of William Rice, a painter and printmaker who was part of the Arts and Crafts Movement at that time. Most of his watercolors and block prints are of National Parks and other scenic areas in California. Again, these photos of block prints are just from cards I bought. The originals were brilliant, the skill astounding.


A small mixed media piece I finished today, using some leaves from one of the Rose of Sharon trees in my yard, also known as Hibiscus Syriacus.  Acrylic, fabric and stitching.


In an email from Save the Chimps, there was a wonderful quote I want to share, so appropriate at this time, when life has become so difficult for so many.

“What do we live for; if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.”     George Elliot









4 thoughts on “Spring Stuff

  1. love your Collage, cool printing with the leaves… marvellous photos from the pacific and These red blossoms, oh my! would have loved to visit this tile Exhibition.
    hugs to Charlie:)

  2. Oh what a cutie patootie! Thanks for sharing the tiles, just gorgeous. Sweet mixed media fiber piece too! Xox

  3. I love the quote. The block prints are wonderful! My grandfather Coy Seward was a printmaker–he was one of the founding members of the Prairie Printmakers. You can google him if you are interested. What kind of a dog is Charlie–he has Corgi ears, but looks like he might be a Heinz 57. Haven’t blogged in a while–my husband and I got terrible, awful colds that I think we have finally shaken (after almost a month). How long until your trip–it’s getting close, isn’t it?

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