Sunday, Sunday

A little sketch for Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary Blog.  IMG_0874

I had fun using these Pentel water color brushes for the first time.  They were suggested in Alexandra MacVean’s online class.


Thank you for visiting.

12 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday

  1. Barbara, your painting looks fabulous! LOVE your cherries. Well done, you. I’m quite chuffed at seeing how your painting is coming along. Blessed to have you a part of my online class. 🙂

  2. This illustration is absolutely precious. The colors are one I adore using, and your piece puts a huge smile on my face. Did you go back after you were finished to add the black lines. I have such a hard time with my permanent Micron pens and the watercolor causing them to run. Maybe I need to be using another type. Also, I was perusing your posts, and I am in love with your chairs and the table. There is something about your work that really pulls at my old heartstrings. I love them. I am a newbie, and this is my first visit to Blue Diary and am having a wonderful time. Am so happy to have met you and your drawings. genie

  3. that is so beautiful!! i love it. I was just looking at a photo of a bunch of cherries in a turquoise colored colander – those combination of colors go perfect. So does yours.

  4. awesome… and makes me Long for cherries actually. way too early… not even the blossoms are out…

    (don´t mind the upper and lower caps in my writings… i only type in lower – but the autocorrection always makes me look like an orthographic idiot and i´m too lazy to correct all the time;))

  5. Wonderful painting. Thanks for explaining the comments bit as I visited you before but couldn’t find a way to leave you a comment 😉
    Donna xxx

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