Walking on Horse Trails

The south bay area of Los Angeles where I live has many diverse sections.  One of them has homes that include space to keep horses.  Winding behind these homes and corals are over 25 miles of horse trails.  My fellow pilgrims and I walk the trails some Sundays.  It’s very picturesque with many horse sightings as we go.



I thought this outdoor chandelier was a great idea.  Don’t know if it’s only for decoration.



I had to drop my car off at the Honda dealer for a checkup today, so I decided to walk the mile home, and walk the mile back to pick it up when it was finished.  It’s interesting to walk past businesses on busy streets.  I’m always in my car. I’ll check out pedestrians at the crosswalks when I come to a red light.  But since I’ve been walking, I relate in a different way to the world of drivers and pedestrians.  I notice different things than when I’m in the car.  I feel like I’m relating in a more personal way.  People I pass say hello.  A friend once said about driving the freeway, that it felt like we were all encapsulated beings.  I know in European cities people walk more, and also in other large cities in the US.  But everyone in LA has a car.  They are just starting to put in metro systems that will cover larger areas.  That is the problem. LA is VERY spread out.

I had to go through a couple of residential streets on my way today, and I saw this house.  It looked like a Lego or Barbie house.  I was very glad it isn’t across the street from me.  I wouldn’t want to look out my window at it everyday.


Right before I left, I was playing with my new watercolor set.  I added some oil pastels as well (below).  But surprisingly, the colors in the house above, reminded me of it.


Finally, a little bit more color from the neighborhood.  I liked the speck of blue chair with the yellow flowers.


When I visited Monet’s house at Giverny, the entire kitchen was yellow and blue.


“When you go out to paint, try to forget what it is you’ve got in front of you, a tree or a field.  Just think: here is a little square of blue, an oblong of pink, a streak of yellow, and paint exactly what you see.”   Claude Monet

It SOUNDS easy… have a creative weekend.



3 thoughts on “Walking on Horse Trails

  1. oh, me!! it took me two Returns until i got it how to leave a comment;)
    thanks for your comment on mine, very appreciated!
    i scrolled through yours for quite some entries, and i also like the variety you Show us. i love the place where you live, wonderful horse trails, awesome outdoor chandelier (oh, it might be connected with electricity, imagine the fun!) … and not to speak of the beaches you have nearby. i have been once in that area (back in 1998, when my B.I.L. lived there), its a heavenly place! you can be grateful for that.
    love your mixedmedia pieces, too… i bookmarked your blog for Returns.

  2. Nice place to walk. I do love those chandelier’s hanging from the trees even if they are only there for the bling. Monet’s dining room is a bit to bright yellow for me, but love the cabinets. xox

  3. I love Monet’s kitchen! Isn’t it pretty. The horse trails look like an interesting place to walk and i have to say that I rather like the lego/barbie house and wouldn’t mind looking at it out my window at all!!

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