White Snow, Green Trees

A mixed media piece I did a while back. Acrylic on canvas with stitching and leaf prints.


I went for a drive a few days ago to an older part of LA called Mt. Washington.  Many of the streets spiral upward and provide special views.  Snow on our local mountains. The result of a thunderstorm the night before.


The day was very beautiful after the cleansing rain.  Everywhere I looked was green.


Being that it’s an older area, the trees and plants are lush and overgrown.  I love that.



And of course the houses have so much character and charm.


It is pouring right now (we’ve been waiting), although not expected to last too long. I thought I’d practice a small watercolor sketch. It’s from a photograph of a trip I took to the city of Stirling in Scotland. Home of Stirling castle, which houses the sword of William Wallace (Braveheart).


Here is a watercolor I did a while back.  At the time, I enjoyed trying to paint the details of the chairs and tablecloth.



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4 thoughts on “White Snow, Green Trees

  1. i like your sketches – i always love to see peoples’ versions of houses they see. I have to google Mt. Washington – I don’t think I’ve ever driven through there. I love older houses with character. My husband and I have been talking about a day in LA soon – … will put this on the list.

  2. the mix of stitches and printings is just what i like! and these old houses with their grown nature are awesome… lush is the right word!

  3. One thing about your part of the world, lush doesn’t even begin to cover it. The old neighborhoods are always the best, funny to see snow…Nice stitching in your first piece defining the brick wall and the table piece as well. So uniform, so even. xox

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