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For Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary Blog, a sketch from a black and white photo of an old door. It’s on drawing paper with watercolor.


My friend sent me this amazing and beautiful travel journal for my Camino Santiago walk in Spain.  I’m leaving soon on April 20th, and walking for a month (stopping of course to visit small villages, lunch, and sleeping each night in small hotels). My son will be posting  photos on my blog that I’ll be sending home from the road, so you can follow my journey.



And inside was this tiny 2 inch by 3 inch mini journal with a picture of dogs!


This is Frankie. He’s a member of our Sunday walking team.  When I arrive at his house, he runs up to me and barks hello then runs back and barks that it’s time to go. This was a BIG bucket of water that was put there for horses, since we were near the horse trails.  Frankie is a corgi and his little legs were too short, so he’s being helped up to get water.


A purple hillside we passed while walking.


Back home in my yard, I liked the way the shadows fell on the nasturtiams.


A couple days later I was in San Pedro. It has a mix of houses in the different areas that make it up. A lot of older and very charming ones.


I loved the staircase with the arched door on this one.


A friend and I went to Habitat for Humanity Restore. They have all kinds of donated building materials.  We were excited when we found these tiles from Holland and Mexico.  Five dollars for a box of about two dozen.  Just a sampling below.  Now I need to decide what I will make with them for the backyard.



I’ll leave you with this quote by John Muir.  My friend had broken it up throughout the pages of the travel journal.

In Every Walk

With Nature

One Receives

Far More

Than He Seeks.



11 thoughts on “Walk With Nature

  1. What a lovely travel journal book, Barbara. Looks quite enjoyable and perfect for you. 🙂 Wonderful, wonderful sketch for this week. Thank you for sharing with us. I just LOVE that purple hillside. Reminds me of my hubby’s stepmom’s house alongside the river in Cali, filled with those. 🙂

  2. Hey Barbara,

    Lydia Here, I love the Tiles, they always make great coasters, just back them with felt or they sell little round dots for the corners.

    Great Blogg, looking forward to see your Camino Trip.

    Love Lydia

  3. Love your sketch today and your photos. I always love seeing houses and I do love that white one with the arched door. Are you going alone on your Camino walk – wow, alone or not – how I wish I could do that some day. I’ll definitely follow along and will check here for your photos.

  4. i will be curious to see and hear about your Camino Santiago walk. It is something I’ve always wanted to experience myself.

  5. Wonderful tiles and I think corgis are just the cutest little dogs. What a wonderful journal your friend made for you. Do you ever put nasturtiom blossoms in your salads? they have a little bite to them and look so pretty. If I don’t “talk” to you before you go–be safe and make wonderful memories. It will be a great adventure.

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