8 thoughts on “El Final Dia

  1. I really enjoyed all the photos and perfect to end with the “three amigos” …(although two are girls so what are girl amigos..hmmm). Welcome home.

  2. Fantastic journey of a lifetime. I am sure the pups are so happy to have you back. Love to hear more after you have had time to process it all. I wonder what will show up in your art. xox

  3. Welcome home, Barbara. What a great trip.
    The dogs sure look like they are ready to welcome you home. Also Bob and Nick. Hope you can get some rest.

  4. What an adventure you have taken us on…wishing a safe journey home to be reunited with your family including the four legged ones!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your travels….

  5. it was nice to be updated on your pilgrimage… the photos of toledo also were so beautiful! suppose you are on your return flight meanwhile, stay save!

  6. And you leave us with that tantalizing last sentence….Bet those pups will be overjoyed to see you. Safe journeys.

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