Madrid – Part 2

At about 5pm the streets fill up with people walking here in Madrid. Today was crazy. They are setting up for a festival. Stages are being put up, streets are packed and police are in the main squares.

File May 14, 4 19 15 PM

The following photos don’t show the chaos, but tomorrow we are going to take a day trip to Toledo to get away from it. Toledo is a small medieval town about half an hour away.

File May 14, 4 24 19 PM

File May 14, 4 25 14 PM

File May 14, 4 25 46 PM

File May 14, 4 28 16 PM

The buildings are very tall everywhere in Madrid and many have huge statues on top.

File May 14, 4 22 02 PM

When you order hot chocolate here, it is thick like pudding. If you want ordinary hot chocolate it’s called cola cao, like Nesquik. Today though we stumbled on a churreria. They serve thick warm chocolate that you dip churros into.

File May 14, 4 23 12 PM

File May 14, 4 23 42 PM

Pets of the day. They were waiting for their owner outside of a restaurant.

File May 14, 4 26 55 PM

2 thoughts on “Madrid – Part 2

  1. Pets and the love of them is the same throughout the world isn’t it. I’m not sure about that thick hot chocolate. Looking forward to photos of Toledo.

  2. Madrid looks pretty but I would not want to be anywhere there was going to be a big festival. Good idea to get out of town. xox

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