My husband sent me a text that said it must be kind of sad to be finishing up such a big adventure. It was intuitive of him because the girls and I were discussing it at breakfast. The sadness hit us when we approached Santiago and we could hear the loud roar of the airplanes at the airport. One of the things I practiced while walking was staying in the moment. But the Camino was very special. It is difficult to describe what we each came away with. The photographer Dorothea Lange once described a bare cabin enjoyed with her family in a way that kind of sums up the Camino for me. She said it was a place to be together where they all felt a sense of freedom. She thought the cabin answered the longings of the human heart.

File May 13, 6 21 04 PM

File May 13, 6 21 48 PM

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I was thrilled whenever there was cereal on the breakfast menus, so I laughed when I saw the name of this cafe.

File May 13, 6 28 14 PM

I visited the Prado Museum today while the girls got their weary muscles massaged. Clouds and sprinkles, but sun is in the forecast until we leave next Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Madrid

  1. I love thinking about the longings of the human heart–how poignant and beautiful! It must be culture shock–moving from the Camino to the big city. I love the photo with the big sign “refugees welome”–I’d like to see signs like that here in the U.S.

  2. Daily, M & I were looking forward to your pictures and observations. We will miss them once your trip is over! However, now that this trip is ending, you have time to plan your next one!

  3. I sorta of feel a sense of sadness too. I couldn’t wait to get to your blog each day. Hoping for new pictures and stories of your adventures. So its sad for me to see it ending. Can’t wait for the new adventure that awaits you. 🙂

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