The Camino – Day 15

There was steady rain today, some mud and boulders, but we endured. The landscape and stone houses reminded me of rural areas in Ireland. We reached our destination for today, a city called Portomarin. It has a man made lake We also reached the 100km mark, the distance left before santiago.

File May 06, 5 04 33 PM

File May 06, 5 50 42 PM

File May 06, 5 58 42 PM

File May 06, 6 20 39 PM

File May 06, 6 24 03 PM

File May 06, 6 27 09 PM

File May 06, 6 31 23 PM

File May 06, 6 33 22 PM

File May 06, 6 37 36 PM

For dinner we had Pulpo, an octopus dish that is a specialty in this area. And after we had some schnapps, which was served in a couple of the casa ruals we stayed at.

File May 06, 7 09 55 PM

File May 06, 6 59 53 PM

Thanks to all of you who are following our journey. We enjoy hearing from you in the comments section. It has been fun sharing our days with you.

5 thoughts on “The Camino – Day 15

  1. I would have quite after a half hour in the rain probably. Hopefully it wasn’t a downpour. Love the photos and the dinner and Schnapps photo.

  2. OH MY, i completely lost track on Blogging due to my visit of Barcelona and making a photobook about it. now that is done and i come back to the blogworld i see the HUGE amount of entries you managed to do during your pilgrimage! i went through all the photos thoroughly and i am deeply impressed. brave women you are! i´m sure you will come back fit as a fiddle with such a daily practice! i love the Storks and the Tapas remind me to many of the meals we had in Barcelona.
    i´m sure this pilgrimage will stay in your Memory forever! wishing you better weather for the last miles… and a healthy rest of the journey!

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