The Camino – Day 17

The day started out sunny, then clouds, then rain and back to sun. There have been thunderstorms behind and in front of us, but we have been lucky to have missed them. The landscape today switched back and forth from forests to farms. I love seeing the farm animals, although sadly, many of the dogs in rural areas do not have a good life.

File May 08, 8 41 19 PM

File May 08, 8 43 37 PM

File May 08, 8 46 46 PM

File May 08, 9 07 50 PM

File May 08, 8 56 24 PM

File May 08, 8 38 14 PM

File May 08, 9 03 20 PM

File May 08, 9 06 07 PM

File May 08, 9 00 54 PM

File May 08, 8 50 09 PM

File May 08, 8 51 29 PM

File May 08, 8 53 21 PM

We have two days left to enjoy being out on the Camino. The day after tomorrow it will come to and end when we walk into the city of Santiago de Compostela. I can’t believe it. When we started, it seemed so far away. The entire Camino Frances is 790km. When we reach Santiago, we will have walked about 400km (about 250 miles) It’s been great, all of it. We aren’t even tired.

3 thoughts on “The Camino – Day 17

  1. Hope you all had a nice Mothers Day out on the Camino 🙂
    Can’t believe you are almost done. I’m going to miss traveling with you. Have a good week, and be safe.

  2. It’s so green on this part of the Camino. I received a postcard from you on Saturday!! My official Camino postcard!! Thank you. Can’t believe its only two more days!! How exciting! Happy and safe travels

  3. It’s only been about 5 days since I last checked out your travelogue – and it seems like a year in terms of your experience. The Camino seems greener, the food looks more delicious, the animals, well, there are so many more of them. And, you all look more relaxed… dare I say happier?! Congratulations on reaching Santiago, which I’m assuming you’ll do before you get this post. See you soon. XO

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