The Camino – Day 19

A few photos of the beautiful morning at 7am today. In one you can see a layer of fog on the ground.

File May 10, 6 28 53 PM

File May 10, 6 30 15 PM

File May 10, 6 31 13 PM

The writing says: Be always yourself

File May 10, 6 32 40 PM

Everyone in rural areas had one of these. They are used to dry out corn or air dry meat. In this case, they put the chickens underneath to eat what fell through.

File May 10, 6 40 59 PM

It started raining before Santiago. A photo of a wet street leading to the cathedral.

File May 10, 6 43 30 PM

More school kids.

File May 10, 6 45 11 PM

Relief sculptures on the outside wall of the cathedral, and us, inside and out.

File May 10, 6 48 40 PM

File May 10, 6 52 05 PM

File May 10, 6 54 28 PM

Some things have remained constant these past few weeks. Like steep inclines. Today was no exception. We had the “opportunity” to scale our last mountain. Another has been the sweetness of the Spanish people. When we started in Pamplona, we had to walk though quite a bit of the city to get to the Camino. People were heading to work in their business attire. They noticed we were going in the wrong direction and pointed out the right way. We hadn’t even asked. They sent us on our way with a “Buen Camino.” That first stop was so exciting. Yesterday we were leaving in the early morning from Pedrouza. A man stopped his car to reroute us. Again, we hadn’t asked.

We are staying a second day in Santiago, so I will share more tomorrow, as well as photos from Madrid. In the meantime, a photo of my Camino passport. It has stamps from hotels, bars, restaurants and other stops as we made our way along the Camino.

File May 10, 7 10 24 PM

4 thoughts on “The Camino – Day 19

  1. Congratulations!! and thank you so much for allowing your blog readers to tag along with you!!

  2. I cannot believe you are at the end. It seems like it went so fast. The pictures have been incredible. Thanks for the phone call on Mother’s Day. What a nice surprise. You will sure have a lot to talk about when you get home. All I can say is “what a great trip” and all the walking all of you did was really something.

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