We took the train to Toledo today. Only a half hour from Madrid. The old part of the city was built on a hill and surrounded by a river. People are still living in apartments along the very narrow streets.

File May 15, 8 09 36 PM

File May 15, 8 10 13 PM

File May 15, 8 10 51 PM

File May 15, 8 11 21 PM

File May 15, 8 11 57 PM

File May 15, 8 12 35 PM

File May 15, 8 13 04 PM

File May 15, 8 13 57 PM

File May 15, 8 14 39 PM

The stained glass photo and the following picture are of the Toledo train station. Even the train station looks medieval.

File May 15, 8 16 47 PM

File May 15, 8 17 15 PM

These last two photos show Madrid on a Sunday morning. Very empty. The only place open for business was Starbucks.

File May 15, 8 18 19 PM

The second one was a huge wall on the side of a building with plants growing out from it.

File May 15, 8 18 57 PM

The weather is warming up. We chose a good time to walk the camino. Thank you again for all the comments. I loved reading them.

5 thoughts on “Toledo

  1. I am always googling photos of narrow streets like these. I save off so many because I eventually want to sketch them. Anyway – i LOVE your photos and it looks so beautiful there. I liked the one of Starbucks and the people walking hand in hand. The guy in the flannel reminded me of “Luke” from Gilmore Girls (which I have been binging on as I never watched it when it was on back in the mid 2000’s.

    Wondering if you are ready to come home or would like to continue doing more walking.

  2. Loved the little town of Toledo. Its beautiful,love the church statues,and narrow streets 🙂 Toni

  3. All I can say is “wow” again. It is hard to believe how fast the time went on the journey with your friends. You will have enough memories to last a life time. I have enjoyed the trip with you looking at the map as you walked along the Camino. CONGRATULATIONS on doing something so spectacular.

  4. I love the narrow streets in Europe-like those in Toledo and the beautiful old buildings. You must be on your way back to your old life now–forever changed I am sure.

  5. I bet it seems like you’ve been gone a long time. It must be really fun to have experienced something so different… I keep trying to imagine what it’s like. I’m really happy for you!!

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