Loving LA

Below is a small watercolor from a photo I took in Spain.  Still working on patience when using watercolor.  It’s difficult to wait for layers and sections to dry before proceeding.  My entry to Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary blog.


Another week, another museum and stair walk.

This week I visited The Japanese American Museum.  They had a beautiful exhibit of photographs taken by Japanese Americans in the 1920’s and ’30’s. The glare on the glass made it impossible to take good pictures.  This one, below, was the only one that came out clear.


A smaller exhibit at the same museum was an advanced display of origami.  Two examples.



Today’s stair walk was in the hills of an area called Echo Park.  The streets themselves have to be some of the steepest in southern California.


Some artwork up high…


and below in the sidewalk.


Each house in these older areas is unique. No two are the same, unlike the many tracts of houses in the LA suburbs.




I think graffiti must be worldwide.  I saw some even in tiny Spanish towns.  It is spread all throughout LA. from downtown to suburbia.  A creative and courteous sign requesting people to refrain.


Happy weekend to all.


12 thoughts on “Loving LA

  1. I just tried to comment on your latest post with the sketches and the captcha refused my response, even though it was correct. Anyway, I just tried to say that I love your sketches, I find them gorgeous, and your photos are beautiful. Greetings from Montreal, Canada. 🙂

  2. Very lovely painting, Barbara. I like your soft colors and color palette…really evokes wonderful emotions. And I enjoyed your photos from the Japanese museum. 🙂

  3. I love your painting, Barbara ! So glad that you shared them with all of us:) I’m thrilled to see the posts. I like the house in older areas and a bunny in the sidewalk. I’ve been to San Francisco but never been to Los Angeles which everybody around me recommended. I would like to visit Los Angeles, someday! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Your watercolor is beautiful, Barbara!
    Thank you for the tour! I enjoyed the walk and seeing the artwork inside the museums and on the streets. It must be wonderful to have such easy access to exhibitions and artwork in general.

  5. Your water color painting is so lovely. Soft and delicate. That is the beauty of watercolor I like. Thank you for inviting for the Japanese American museum!
    They are fantastic. Love that nostalgic car on the glare.I enjoyed touring with you.
    Those blue windows and the wooden doors, they are pretty!
    Thank you for your visit. Greeting from Japan.

  6. an interesting post – thanks for sharing all These photos of the Museum and your Environments. your watercolor Piece is awesome… i can relate to the impatience you are talking about – i am also bad at waiting.

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