Mid Week Miscellany

I’ve been on the LA city streets and freeways a lot this week, so I did a map sketch of the general area for Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary Blog.


Next, some mid week miscellany.

Peaches from my sister’s tree.  A+ in the sweet and juicy category.


Kitty in the sun.


Neighborhood Mums. (maybe a giant variety)?


I visited a friend this week who lives in the The Topanga Canyon area. This is a view in one direction from her front patio. In the other direction there are huge trees, but my photo was blurred. Topanga is one of the canyons leading to the ocean and filled with California native plants and trees.  Lots happening there in the 1960’s.


Today I drove through LA to Hollywood to see a juried exhibit of local artists. A lot of strange stuff.  Here are a few that I thought were interesting. The first, was made to honor the strong spirit of the Chinese artist, Al Weiwei. The Chinese government took away his passport for 600 days, and as protest and art performance he put fresh flowers in the basket of his bike in front of his studio each day.  The piece below, consists of 3000 porcelain flowers, many hanging from the ceiling.


One wall was covered with paper that had been folded in an origami style, spray painted, then unfolded. This was just a small section. It resembled a kaleidoscope.


A house size structure made of plastic ribbon.


And finally, an upside down book, hanging from the ceiling with thread attached, and titled, “Book of Rain.” (shadow behind). I did not write down the author’s name, and there was no explanation for the odd title, but after perusing the internet, I’m wondering if perhaps it was taken from The Grateful Dead song, a “Box of Rain.” The song had been written by one of the musicians for his dying father.


There was a children’s art exhibit going on in another building.  I loved this cat.


Enjoy your week. I hope you find fun things to do and the weather is pleasant.  We are expecting a heat wave for the next couple days after a week of overcast skies.





10 thoughts on “Mid Week Miscellany

  1. You had some very interesting pictures, Barbara. I really liked the map, too
    And the child’s drawing of the cat was so cute. Kind of reminded me of some of your drawings when you were little. Stay cool.

  2. Thank you for adding your thoughts on paper to my blog post:)

    I love the kitty painting from the exhibit and your photo of the black cat in front of the white door. Your map journal page is great. I love seeing maps that are hand-drawn as they tell so much more about the experience and person.

  3. Your map is beautiful, Barbara. It must be about 25 years ago that we visited LA. I wish we had been to the historic stairs back then.
    The fresh peaches look yummy. Are you going to make a peach cake? I enjoyed seeing some rather unusual artwork. Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great day!

  4. awesome sketch of the LA map!
    so nice to be taken virtually to the Exhibition… leads me to my Music Player where i have to put in the grateful dead – i´m a big fan of them!
    have a great week! finally a few summer days are forecasted here, too.

  5. That poor Chinese gentleman. Sometimes we forget just how fortunate we are even with all of the bad things that are happening. They may have punished him, but they failed at killing his spirit. Love the kitty sketch. It is precious. The peaches look yummy. Oh, to have a peach tree in my yard. It would be heaven. Love your map. It is darling. I am working on one to direct people to where I used to live. Maybe one day I will get it posted. Thank you for your visit and sweet words. Encouragement really helps the old morale when I am struggling trying to get something the way I want it. Have a happy week. genie

  6. What a wonderful map you painted! You know so much about what is going on in the Los Angeles area. I love your photograph of the mums too and it was interesting to hear about the many flowers piece.

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