Summer Days

There’s a contest over at Blue Chair Diary Blog. The following is my entry.


We’ve been having warm weather here, but not too hot.  Perfect for eating outside under an umbrella, and lovely cool evenings for walking.


I delivered my entry to LA Municipal Art Gallery yesterday.  They offer adult and children’s art classes.  I’ve always loved this sculpture that students made years ago.


I love tiny things, and recently I found these envelopes at a Japanese store where everything is $1.50. They are one and a half inches by two and a half inches.  The cat and hedgehog ones are slightly larger and have tiny tiny writing paper to go with them.


It’s hard not to come out with arm loads of stuff you don’t need. This little owl pitcher is about two and a half inches tall.


Another stair walk today in one of the coolest areas of LA, Silverlake. Very funky, creative vibe.  This house had an elevator from the street to a bridge to get to the house hidden up on the hill. That’s me in the corner taking a picture. But this is my son’s photo. It gave a better sense of the location.






So many difficult and tragic situations happening in the U.S. this week.  I hope the coming week brings some joy to all.





15 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. What a DARLING contribution, Barbara. So sorry it’s taken me so long to leave a reply. 🙂 And I love your owl tea pot. SO cute! Hope you’ve had a lovely week. 🙂

  2. brilliant entry for the sunday sketches avatar! Love how you added the flag via a balloon.

    And thank you for bring my attention to Corita Kent. I’ve enjoyed reading up on her and her activism/art.

    thank you for your visit and comment on my blog post.

  3. that silverlake Environment Looks so good to me, i´d love to walk around there….
    the logo turned out great, good idea with the balloon!

  4. Wow you’ve really added a lot to your blog in July. I remember the red and yellow flower brooch you have with the colored necklace. I love all your sketches, especially the map of the area and the window perspectives. The picture with all the white pieces falling down is really hard to figure out. Are you guys tired after the stair walking? Do you go up and down several times? Interesting that you took a picture of those tall trees behind mom’s house with the lights on all year.

  5. Love your sketch. Very nice for England. Oddly I have been googling so many scenes from the US – street scenes, city scenes.

    And I just discovered two weeks ago that down in the area I use to live there is a new Japanese type dollar stores but most everything is 1.50 – but some things are higher. I recently bought bowls for the rice and veggie dishes we eat a lot for dinner. I love that store and all their cute stuff.

    My sister in her early twenties worked at City Hall in LA and lived in Silverlake. I love that area and I drove through there a few years ago to check it out again. Nice to see pics from there.

  6. Oh I love ‘little things’ too ~ love your envelopes and the pitcher ~ Lovely illustration for contest for SS ~ and beautiful photography too. Lovely place you visited and love the children’s creation ~ very colorful and textural ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. I love your little treasures from the Japanese store–wish we had one here-I’m sure i could find all kinds of treasures. I always like seeing your walking photos and all those stairs. I too hope that we have a better week coming up–too much turmoil with all the racial unrest as well as all the crazy politics—it’s exhausting and depressing!!

  8. Your logo turned out great, Barbara! Good luck with the contest and with your gallery entry as well!
    I always enjoy the walks with you. That elevator is really something. I’ve never seen anything similar at a residential property.

  9. Great logo Barbara. I certainly don’t envy Alexandra picking a winner with so many great entries.
    I loved seeing your photos too. I can feel that wonderful warmth radiate from my screen. Beautiful finds and scenery. I wish you a wonderful week ahead. Good Luck

  10. what an interesting house Silverlake is! Alexandra is going to have a difficult time choosing a winner, the entries I have been seeing are so good, yours included! Good luck, and also with your Gallery entry.

  11. Your sketch for Sketches from England is just too cute. I have seen so may wonderful ones that I do not know how Alexandra is going to pick. You will certainly be in the running. Precious. genie

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