You’ve Got Mail

I love mail art.  One of my favorites is the one Pablo Picasso sent to his friend Jean Cocteau.


I don’t have any vintage postcards, but I wanted to try some mail art, so I gathered some postcards I’ve collected from museums and started playing.  This first one is my submission to SUNDAY SKETCHES.  It’s a very simple water color with a little stitching.


What got me started was something a friend and I are working on to sell at a craft/collectible fair in the fall.  We are making tiny journals (about 3 inches by 4 inches).  I had so much stuff out on my table, that besides the journals, I got some ideas for mail art.  Here is one of the journal covers.


And a few more pieces of mail art.


The last two don’t have an address, so it’s more like art on a post card.



The following photos are not anything extraordinary, but I took them when I was walking the other evening around 7:00. The AIR was extraordinary.  Although I live about five miles from the ocean, there was an ocean breeze blowing, and the sun was casting long shadows.  The light on the side of the street where the sun was still shining, was so beautiful as well.  I’m always aware of the kind of light created at different times of the year.  In fall, there’s a yellow glow as the sun is setting.  As I walked, the light and air were so typical of the end of a summer’s day, being so near the ocean.




It is impossible not to be aware of the very sad direction life is moving in, here and everywhere.  It is also impossible to find words, but impossible to ignore.  I found these.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein




15 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. Hey Barbara,
    Love all the stuff you have been creating. Have you ever done shadow painting?
    You create a shadow on your paper and paint the image of that shadow on your paper. I hope that makes sense 🙂 Just thought it might be fun. You have some beautiful shadow photos.

  2. Your postcards are really lovely and so neat to see your work. Also loved seeing around where you live and the light is beautiful.
    Happy week

  3. Your post card is lovely, Barbara. It captures that old, sentimental feeling within the heart. Beautiful. I really enjoyed the other post cards as well. Hope you’ve had a lovely week and my apologies for taking so long to reply to last week’s art. I’m SO far behind with all of the moving going on. xx

  4. Really wonderful mail art. I like the 3d flower and checkerboard on the one post card especially. The photo of the tree in the middle, wowza, what a tree. I would want to hug that thing right away. xox

  5. what a cool looking tree in that photo 🙂

    mail art is great, and brings a smile to not just the person getting mail but probably also the mailman 🙂

  6. i love mailart, too – and your´s is wonderful. i´m esp. fond of the one with the stitched flowers. oh yes, the Einstein Quote. it is really a bit scary what is going on in the world These days.

  7. You also live in a beautiful place, the houses look impressive, we have lots of wooden bungalows were I live in the country side. I love your mail art!
    Have a great week

  8. I LOVE your mailart. You inspire me so much with all these lovely postcards and I also love to see the envelope from Picasso. Many thanks for sharing! You took wonderful pictures from the summer evening walk! I love them too!

  9. wow if i received a letter/postcard like that i would be so happy!!!! they are marvelous!! that tree was magnificent, too

    also thanks for the lovely comment 😀 I hope she does

  10. I LOVE making post cards. I have made boxes of them through the years, but sent so many away and did not keep copies. That was a big mistake. I would always have them hand stamped at the post office. Back then I was doing paper, odds and ends, and stamping collage with a theme but very few watercolors. Now, I have started doing them in watercolor so I really appreciate the work you put into yours. My bird I posted this week is a post card as is the barn. I have a large post card stamp to use on the back for my more and address. Mail art is so special. Yours are lovely. genie

  11. I like your post cards. And those houses are so pretty – I also look for the different lighting all year long. My dad use to illustrate some of his envelopes and post cards when he would write me. For awhile I was doing post cards with uplifting sayings and drawings, thinking I would slip them into books at the bookstore just for fun. I did several but never took them anywhere.

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