A Drink And Inspiration To Go

I saw this on the bulletin board at Starbucks as I was walking out the door with drink in hand. I had seen another one a while back. It seems like the purest way to make and show art. Sketching on what’s available, then posting it anonymously for the world to enjoy.


I tried a couple of my own, although I did them at home, and they’re not anonymous.  But my creative thought process is on hiatus, so it’s all I could do.  It was fun using a pen on the napkin.  I was forced to make quick delicate lines or it would bleed.



Since I am living in the historic stair capitol of the world, and the weather report said it would be cooler today, I drove out beyond downtown LA to climb some stairs.  It started out lovely.  I have a guide book that I follow, and it said Judy Garland lived in the castle house below with her mother and sister in 1933.


The weather was getting warmer, but there were intermittent shady spots, and more fun things to see.



Below is a very creative Little Free Library someone made in the shape of a cat.  The little free libraries encourage people to take or leave a book.  They are scattered around the city, and in other states as well.  You can see my reflection in the glass.


The author of the guide book has never been the best at writing clear and concise directions. Today, as we descended one group of stairs, the directions read, “The staircase ahead continues down to Riverside Place.  Ignore that, and instead turn left onto the unpaved Silver Lake Court, and walk approximately 90 yards. There, just before India Street comes in on your right, bear left and walk through the grass up the slope.”  A photo below.


The weather was now very hot, and neither India Street nor a grassy slope appeared.  We found our way back to civilization, but needed to resort to GPS to get back to our car.  The routes of these walks have you start at a specific point, and ultimately make a circle so you wind up back at your starting point.  I’m glad we had parked in some shade.

I bought this group of rolling pins at my neighbor’s yard sale.  I’m thinking of making some sort of giant wind chime (although being wood they will not chime), but the size might look like a nice sculptural element in my yard.  I’ll need to paint them with some sort of weather resistant stain so they’ll stay intact.


And this last photo of some trees at a park near my house as I was walking one evening.


I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the outdoors with good summer weather (or winter if you’re in New Zealand).






6 thoughts on “A Drink And Inspiration To Go

  1. Love that scene above while walking down a hill – so so beautiful. Yes September has always been a miserable month – not so much here in the mountains but down below. I remember every year the darn Santa Ana winds bringing the heat from the desert. Up here our mountain evenings are getting really much cooler – which is so nice to feel the breeze.

    I can’t wait for the day which we are going to do soon – take the train from Upland station to Union Station. Haven’t been in LA for years because my husband worked and commuted for over 30 years to LA and it doesn’t appeal to him to go back. But I’m relentless when I want to do something, lol. Also – planning on making a day trip in the next month to Santa Monica and Venice area. Lots of fun things in the future I hope. I’m getting a little bored in the mountains – not much but a little.

    I’m trying commenting here because i tried with your recent one and it kept saying the “captcha” thing was wrong and it wasn’t – as far as I know 8 x 3 is still 24 but it doesn’t like that answer

  2. Your napkin sketches are beautiful, Barbara! Who would have thought that a visit to Starbucks could be so inspiring. 🙂
    I’ve never come across a free library in person but I just love the idea. As a cat lover I certainly adore this specific one.
    Your rolling pins were a great find. I wouldn’t paint them and just let sunshine and rain leave their marks and add some patina.
    Have a wonderful week!
    xo Julia

  3. wow, never knew people draw and post their stuff in starbucks – that’s great …i like your sketches..thanks for the trip around the area and i enjoyed getting to see that castle. My sis used to live in a silver lake neighborhood – i like it around there.

  4. So lovely to see you back, Barbara. I enjoy your posts. This one is lovely and I love your sketch on the Starbucks napkin. 🙂 LOVE the photo of the old rolling pins. 🙂

  5. it must have been quite a challenge to sketch on the tissues without bleeding, but it really turned out beautifully! interesting tour you made, nice to follow you there.
    seeing he baking Pins i immediately thought of book scrolls (well, a bit thick maybe). isn´t it fun how our thoughts start wandering “what could i make out of this”?
    have a great summer 🙂

  6. I’ve missed your posts–glad to see you are back–as usual my blog remains unattended..Love your rolling pins-will be interesting to see what you do with them.

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