Summer is winding down, and we’ve been having cool evenings that feel like fall. September is still to come though, and this is Southern California. Historically, it is by far the hottest month of the year. But the old predictable weather patterns no longer exist, so we will see what September brings.

I have no creative endeavors to share, but I do have some from other people, and some of nature’s creativity I’ve noticed recently.

Here is a a collaged mini dresser, my journal making friend Toni Mattock made from matchboxes.


And the latest from Anonymous Starbucks artist.


Creativity in Nature.  This was blossoming out of a palm tree.



Bird of Paradise.


A dragonfly with those sparkling, transparent wings.


A piece made from nature that I saw at a local nursery.


This last one does not fit into a creativity category, and my phone could not capture or do it justice.  So you’ll have to believe me that it was an enchanting sight. I was walking at night down a hill in a residential area. The moon was orange and very full.  There were millions of lights from homes spread out in front of me.  The thought of the amount of electricity used in this one spot multiplied by homes, offices, and streets around the world was boggling.


Reading or watching news to stay informed, is a constant reminder of all the sorrows in the world. The painful reminder is difficult sometimes. I was also reading some quotes by Mark Twain (so funny), and watching old Seinfeld episodes (so funny), and decided that this quote of Twain is so true, (although not funny).

“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”

I hope you are enjoying your days.




7 thoughts on “C R E A T I V I T Y

  1. I like your current thumbnail sketches. I just love the look of watercolor in various shades. The dog picture that said no was interesting also. You must really have a lot of different kinds of scraps, materials. I have a few new things on my blog.

  2. Love that hanging plant whatever it is – gosh nature as art for sure. Cute matchbox dresser. LOVE the napkin art – is someone leaving them around? Cool. xox

  3. This is the first time i have looked at a photo of a bird of paradise and actuallly “seen” the bird!! Thank you!! And the palm tree-another wonderful photo!!

  4. testing – …I had to comment to this post in the post below. Captcha was giving me a hard time about my multiplication skills – “8 x ….-24. It didn’t like my answer. I tried over and over again… I finally gave up. I want to see if this will go through.

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