Awakening the Soul

I’m enjoying sketching tiny.  Perhaps I’ll do a daily journal of tiny, although I’ve never been good at daily sketching.  It’s more like when the idea hits me.  But I’ll give it a try.


Also having lots of fun with my “accumulated stuff” collages.




Our September has been feeling like October.  September is usually stifling.  I remember going back to school as a child, and the non air conditioned classrooms would be unbearable.  But a few days ago we actually had overcast conditions.


The cooler air is very pleasant for walking.  Since returning from the Camino, I really have a need to walk each day.  The weather has also given me some good photo opportunities while I walk, with the sun poking out from the clouds in a subtle way.






The kitty is going through all the changes the internet says she would from week to week. She weighs a pound, but RUNS across a room.  She is getting a lot of socialization from Lucy and Charlie.  Maggie is indifferent, but then she’s the one that went through mothering her own puppies not too long ago.  She’s sitting this out.




“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”       Anatole France    poet, author

Enjoy your week.






9 thoughts on “Awakening the Soul

  1. Love these drawings and collage pieces. Wonderful pattern play. Oh my gosh kitten is just the sweetest although pups look a bit indone. What a face though.

  2. Such sweet photos of the foster kitty and I love the one with your dog and the kitty.

    Great idea for the collages. It’s like getting a glimpse of a person’s style or history in each “accumulated stuff” collage.

  3. awesome Little sketches and collages. beautiful shots from your walks (i love black-eyed susans so much!). but the best photo of course is the one with maggie watching the kitten so patiently… both are so cute!!

  4. good for you – i like your little sketches -! What a cute kitten – our little one that we adopted in November last year from the animal shelter just turned 1. She has been so fun to have around. Love the photo of the dog and kitten.

  5. This is such a lovely post wih so many lovely pictures and exciting impressions! Your tiny sketches and collages are so inspiring and I like them very much and your photographs make me feel really good as the take me on a virtual walk. At least I’m in love with this cute cute cute kitten! I can’t stop scrolling up and down and repeat 🙂

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