Looked Like Rain

September didn’t disappoint, it has just saved the heat wave till the end. That’s what we’ve been promised for the weekend, although today still has a nice fall breeze going on.  A few days ago I was in San Pedro.  Unusual clouds that looked like rain, but VERY humid. Here is a photo of the LA Harbor (in San Pedro) where cargo comes in from all over the world.


A view from the hilltop residences.



Now a view on the other side that looks out to the ocean along Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s at the bottom of the hill in this photo. You can drive PCH all the way up the California coast.



A little bungalow, with a seasonal pumpkin on the porch.


While walking in the humidity at day’s end, as the sun was setting, it looked like a giant ball just sitting in the street.  Hard to tell in the photo, but I could see the entire circle.  I’ve never seen anything like it.


Continuing thumbnail sketches and collages.




After walking the Camino, we stayed a few days in Madrid.  I thought I’d show this tiny book I got.  It’s 2 inches by 3 inches.  It has a leather cover “con 25 ilustraciones.” The title is “Granada La Bella.”  It’s a book about the city of Granada in Spain, with 25 pictures.  All along one of the main avenues, there were bookstalls and vendors selling old books.  Of course my eyes were drawn to the smallest ones.



Do you feel fall in the air where you are, or is summer lingering?

Thank you to all who stop by and check out my posts.  It’s fun to share, and also to receive your feedback.  Enjoy your weekend.






11 thoughts on “Looked Like Rain

  1. Lovely sketches and wonderful almost rain views. What a huge lace LA is, those docks are so busy I bet. You always take an interesting perspective on the city. Xox

  2. Hello Barbara,
    thanks for visiting my blog! My friend Barbara lives in LA, Woodland Hills, and your photos make me wishimg to see her and her familiy again. There are beautiful pictures on your website. I’m coming again – have a nice weekend!

  3. Beautiful pics, Barbara, and thank you for the stop on my blog and your comment, so I had the chance to find here ;-). The sun-“ball”-foto is so amazing… Here the weather has got a taste of summer yet. Everyday you can stay outdoor and I can do nearly all my work outside… Have a nice weekend! Ghislana

  4. wonderful sketches, i esp love the one of ponferrada… and These Little books are treasures (and easy to transport in the backpack. and the sight of Harbours and the sea always makes me longing….
    have a great Weekend ahead, Barbara!

  5. Hello from the Northern part of CA. Enjoyed your views and your sketches. Since this is my first visit I looked back through a few posts and particularly liked your Sunday Sketches as well. It looks like we both like walking and sketching although I admit my sketchbook has been ignored of late.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be back!

  6. The weather here is just perfect at the moment. I love the crisp fall air in the mornings and evenings. During the day we get up to 78 °F. It’s just my kind of weather. That sunset must have been amazing. Your sketches and collages are beautiful, Barbara.
    Have a happy weekend!
    xo Julia

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