Lemonade Days

While I wait for some creative ideas to spring forth, I thought I’d show a few mixed media pieces from the past. I had visited Giverny, the home of Monet many years ago, and included it in a map series I continue to work on. Besides his house, there were beautiful gardens and lily ponds.


I like to mix paper with fabric. The next photo is paper I painted, stitched, cut up, then mixed with pieces of fabric.


The last is part of a series of small quilts that I hand sewed, using pieces I cut from old thrift store clothing. I wanted a lot of texture, so I left the pockets on.


I was out in Santa Monica last week, and I drove past some murals that had been painted in 1983 when I was living there. They are so representative of the coastal beauty of that city.


There is an old merry-go-round on the Santa Monica Pier, and the next two show that the horses have come to life and are running along the ocean.



I also did another historic stair walk, this time in Pasadena (home of the New Year’s Rose Parade). A lot of steps (990), but some going down, as well as up.



As for warnings to dog owners, this wins for the most unique.


You can see, since the houses are built on hillsides, some are rising up, and others I’m looking down into as I walk past.


Being that it’s still summer weather here, (in the daytime), I’ve been experimenting with making different types of lemonade without adding sugar. The first try was almost too sour to drink. I’m getting closer, though, to something drinkable and tasty.  In the pitcher below, I added two lemons, one orange, four frozen strawberries and cold water.  The froth is from mixing it up in a gadget called a NutriBullit.  I liked the taste. It was primarily water with a hint of juice flavor.


Beautiful evenings, with a preview of Fall air, as I walked through the neighborhood the last few nights.


Here you can see coastal clouds rising up in the distance.


It is unusually cool today for August 4th, and those of us who are staying home this Labor Day weekend are enjoying it immensely.

Have a good long weekend.


6 thoughts on “Lemonade Days

  1. Hi Barbara,
    Love all your fabric art. The Monet inspired one is beautiful. You are so good at doing that kind of art. I’m jealous 🙂

  2. what a versatile and interesting post, Barbara!
    the monet sewing Looks really great and it was fun to see that you incorporated a jeans-Shirt-pocket in your handsewn Patchwork as i also did in my blanket. i think such extras are pretty nice.
    wonderful sights of the Environment and the evening sun Looks so Special. you are really lucky to live there!
    hope you had a beautiful Labor day Weekend (and i´m happy you are still on the blog and not at Facebook:))

  3. i quickly googled both names regarding pacific palisades and didn’t see anything about them living where I thought they did. Wish these people were still alive (they were distant relatives) … I also love your handmade pieces of Monet gardens.

  4. I love your post and you sewed that quilt by hand, wow. Love it – and the murals are fantastically creative – horse running into the sea. I love Santa Monica – had relatives that lived on a street up in the Pacific Palisades area – they had a house that I believe I remember them saying (they are long gone now and I have no idea who lives there now)…was Shirley Temple’s house at one time but then some memory mixes in and it was Mitze Gaynor… These could be false memories, lol… I stayed there over the summer one time for a week with my cousin and I remember taking steps down and walking through a t unnel to come out on the beach. Anyway hope you are enjoying your lemonade.

  5. I’ve missed your blog and walking adventures! I guess i have pretty much given up on mine. I mostly post on facebook. Wish you had a page there-I would follow you. Love that fifrst stitched piee!

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