Tiny kittens and things

Still waiting for inspiration, so in the meantime, I sat down and drew some tiny thumbnail sketches from my photos on the Camino. Tiny is fun.


Then I got out all my scraps of accumulated paper.  For example, if I paint something and I don’t like it, I’ll cut out the parts I like and save them. I figure they might come in handy for something, along with other tiny accumulated things.  I took some pages from an old French literature book, and started sticking things together.  Sticking things together is very fun. In the one below, I drew a small picture from a Camino photo with oil pastel.  Oil pastels, also fun.




I am keeping busy bottle feeding and caring for a two-three week old kitten. I’m fostering it from the shelter where I volunteer. As tiny as she is, she’s on the go if she’s not sleeping.  The picture is a little blurry, since I couldn’t get her to stop moving. She’s what they call a Torti. She will be ready for adoption in a month or so.  I’m hoping to find someone to adopt her so I know she’s going to a good home, rather than return her to the shelter.


The theme of the exhibit I was in was “Play.”  I went to the opening, and again a couple days ago to take some photos.  The day of the opening was very crowded, and difficult to see everything.  This first one was behind glass so it is not real clear, but in person it had a beautiful quality. The colors and softness went so perfectly with the image of the child. It was an etching with a collaged photo. I love etchings. I took a class when I was at CSUN.


The next one got an honorable mention.


This last one won first place.  The whole piece was made with Legos.


I’ve been walking in the cool evenings. Remarkable weather for September. Today is overcast, but the cooler days are wonderful. I have walked past this house many times, but last night my husband told me it was Louis Zamperini’s house at one time. He was a World War II prisoner of war survivor, and they recently made a movie about him. My husband is a newspaper photographer.  Many years ago he got to ride in an old World War II plane with Mr. Zamperini for a story the paper was doing.  My husband said he was a remarkable person and had amazing stories to tell.


This little plant sticking up in another yard caught my eye.  It looks like a little sparkler you see on the Fourth of July.


It looks like we’re starting the fall earlier here than usual, although by tomorrow, it could be 90 degrees…

Enjoy your summer/fall weather.













3 thoughts on “Tiny kittens and things

  1. i like all your collage-y type pages and such a good idea to cut out the part of your art you like and do something with it! I wish I would have done that in the past – i would throw away the whole thing but yet..there would be parts i liked. Interesting about the house!

    I just found out that over in Lake Arrowhead which you probably know of being in So Cal – that Liberace’s house (don’t know how long ago he sold it) is up for sale again. I intended to research more about it but forgot until I read your post just now. I saw an ad in our local real estate Home magazine about it a few days ago.

  2. Hi Barbara, I tried to leave a comment some days ago but the Captcha didn’t work. Hopefully it will now.
    Your sketches are lovely and the collages turned out great!
    Thank you for sharing some pictures from the exhibit. The lego portrait is amazing.
    I send you a big hug for fostering that sweet kitten. Hopefully you’ll find a good home for her.
    Thank you so much for your kind comment! 🙂
    Have a wonderful week!
    xo Julia

  3. your tiny sketches are awesome and i totally love your collages! it is really fun to Play with all that stuff that accumulates…
    oh yes, Young kittens and not Holding still for a crisp photo… but she Looks really adorable and i hope you will find a good home for her.
    awesome etching/photo Piece from the Exhibition! completely after my taste!
    have a good week, xox

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