Beautiful Day

I’ve been making some new linoleum stamps, but I’m still putting ideas together on how I will use them.  In the meantime, here are two pieces I did a while back.  The images were cut from linoleum and then stamped onto canvas using acrylic. The first one I used a repetitive pattern, like something you might see on an ancient wall.


This second one also has a repetitive pattern, but more like what you’d see on a tablecloth.


I’ve been doodling and sketching also. This started out as a sketch of a tree, but then I decided to play with the watercolors.


This one was an idea I got from a magazine. The sketching is with pencil.  I might take both sketches and expand on the general concepts.


It actually rained last night, and today was BEAUTIFUL.  Cool breeze, warm sun, bright colors. The light on my neighborhood walks has been very conducive to picture taking, and the leaves are looking very autumnal.






The foster kitty is nearly eight weeks old.  I will take her back to the shelter for adoption in another week, (unless we adopt her ourselves).  My dogs, Maggie, Lucy, and Charlie have accepted her as part of the pack, and we find her pretty endearing.


Have a wonderful week.  Thank you for visiting.





7 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. It was my hope that you would adopt the sweet kitty, Barbara! I’m very happy to hear that you think about it. It’s great that she gets along with your dogs so well and it sounds like she has won over your heart.
    Your stamps are fantastic and your watercolor as well as the partially colored sketch are beautiful as well.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Supergreat is your linoleum stamp! Your first piece with the rams looks so fantastic, great colors you have used here! It reminds me a bit of ancient Greek or Etruscan art. Ulrike

  3. Nice block prints. I do like the flower, it has so many ways to use it. Interesting take on the house with it’s color section. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done quite that way, interesting way to view something from a different perspective. xox

  4. Love everything in this post–your linoleum blocks, your watercolor and wonderful photos, including the kitty watching the baseball game–I think you need to keep her

  5. the first printing actually reminds me a bit of the ishtar gate i saw in Berlin recently. verrrry beautiful! so is the plant on the “tablecloth”. lovely sketches, too. and the autumnal photos look very warm toned. and well, i would not be surprised if kitty stays with you. fun how she is watching tv;)
    have a great autumn, Barbara!

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