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I have not made a lot of art myself this week, but I have seen some magnificent work by two other people.  The first was an online article about Nidaa Badwin, a Palestinian woman, who spent 20 straight months in her 100 square foot room creating art.  The day before she went into exile, she was leading a youth program in Gaza, and was taunted by officers who criticized her clothing and eventually hit her.  She took a series of gorgeous Baroque looking photos using only what she had in her room: newspapers, vegetables, egg cartons, sewing machine, typewriter, and bedspread.  I have a few to show, but there were many more if you want to check out her story.




The second was a documentary called “Sky Ladder,” about artist Cai Guo-Qiang.  He was a young boy during Mao Tse-tung’s rule of China, and the story follows his life as an artist leading up to his work using fireworks and his dream piece called Sky Ladder. His thinking is truly innovative and remarkable. I recommend watching it if you have the opportunity.

We got another night of rain.  It’s wonderful to have rain so early in the season since our summer was so dry.  I don’t have any rain photos, but here are a couple of my favorite autumn photos from last year.



I went to a local flea market yesterday.  Lots of fun things to see.  I bought an old globe.  I love maps and globes, but globes are usually expensive. This one was only five dollars.  Our world has gone through many changes since this globe was made.


A lot of vendors had vintage Christmas decorations for sale.



I have continued to play with watercolors.  The first one was a couple of sketches I cut up and put together as a collage.



Enjoy this last week of October.  Thank you for visiting.



9 thoughts on “Global Art

  1. I like your pretty watercolor flower sketches! And love the photos of the woman’s art and will have to go read about her now. We had rain up here also – and today the sun is out but it is really chilly.

  2. Yes, I agree, it’s such a pleasure to visit your blog! The story about the Palestinian woman is amazing and I love your flower art work collage so much as well as the idea to cut a picture and put it together in a new way. For me it’s as well a great way of how we can find new perspectives.

  3. I hadn’t looked at your blog for quite awhile. You have been really busy!! All the watercolor sketches are amazing. The pictures you take while walking, showing shadows and light are also really beautiful. I really enjoyed catching up!!


  4. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog, because you are so versatile!
    The last photo of the artists is so fantastic in colors and light. The colored wallpaper of newspapers fits so great with the colorful blanket on the bed.
    And you made a nice watercolor- drawing… and flea market – purchases make you just happy, I love flea markets too.

  5. Love your two watercolor paintings/collage!! The photographs by Nidaa badwin are beautiful. Why was she going into exile?

  6. seems you had an interesting week… your flea market Globus is beautiful – i would have taken it, too. and i love your watercolor paintings, esp the Collage with the berries. (and i could send you more rain, if needed;))

  7. I checked out both artists. Thank you for sharing, Barbara! It was very interesting to read about their lifes and their work and I adore her photos.
    It’s wonderful that you found some time to play. Your watercolor paintings are beautiful.
    Have a great day!
    xo Julia

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