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I went to an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art two days ago.  It was the 50th Anniversary of a workshop in LA called Gemini GEL (you can look up its history on the internet). Started in 1960, it brought together artists and master printers in the printmaking field.  People like David Hockney (below).

lithograph and screen print


Jasper Johns,  lithograph from his numbers series


Roy Lichtenstein, woodcut    (out of focus) ( argh)


Joseph Albers, lithographs


There were many others.  It was exciting to see the work of these artists. I’ve always loved all forms of printmaking.  Below are a few I did many years ago. The first one is a woodcut.  I photographed it in my window so you could get the effect of the light coming through the curtain.


The next is a photo etching series of my brother skating on the boardwalk at Venice Beach.  There is a series of six images in color, and six images in white with a touch of water color.  I’m only showing three from each set.



Coming home from the exhibit, I drove past downtown as the sunlight slowly faded. As much as I love visiting other places in the world, I love living in LA.  Recently they have been building more high rise apartments and offices, as more people are choosing to live downtown.


A few photos from tonight’s walk. Autumn was definitely in the air.






Wishing all a wonderful week.

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11 thoughts on “Print Making

  1. Oh, Barbara, I had a walk on your blog now with these fascinating pics and works… Will come back soon ;-). Thank you for visiting my post about this sculpture in Neuss. Have good days – Ghislana

  2. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do wood cut – i like your series a lot. Building more high rises downtown – wow – as if there isn’t enough! But I actually love driving through cities with high rises – I always take a lot of photos when I do. I was just in Pasadena the other day and was amazed at so many new buildings since I was last here years ago.

    Beautiful sunset.

  3. I really like the woodcut and your etching series. It’s amazing to see all the lines and varying angles of perspective all in one image. Splendid.

  4. Wow really nice work of yours. That exhibit must have been fantastic. Love those artists and that time. Late light, what could be better! xox

  5. such a varied post! i love to visit art museums very much. they are so inspiring. and I like woodcuts too. yours are really, really great!
    🙂 mano

  6. A great, interesting post!
    Your prints look fantastic, the small series I like especially well! But also the wood-cut is great, to carve in wood I have never tried, but it has a very special charm!

  7. i also have a weak spot for print making. i surely would have enjoyed this Exhibition!
    but i totally fell in love with the woodcut print on the window. AWESOME!! the etchings are great, too. it is nice to see how many art styles you are practising. isn´t that fun?
    beautiful autumn Pictures. my fave is the one with the apples:)

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