Forty Four

I’m coming out from the haze of despair after the election. Tomorrow I will put on my walking shoes, drive downtown, and join in peaceful protest. Although the outcome has been decided, I cannot just forget all the hateful language used during the campaign.  Already acts of hate have increased because the perpetrators have been given approval to act out.  It turns out that 48 per cent of the country didn’t vote.  Maybe people will realize the importance of participating.


I’ve only done a little sketching lately. This first one made me think of wallpaper around a window, so I made another very QUICK sketch with that in mind.



I’ve always loved the window scenes of Raoul Dufy and Henri Matisse.



Our weather has reverted back to summer.  Warm days, but very pretty light at end of day.



I didn’t realize until I got home and looked at this next photo, how the shadow is an extension of the tree.  The tree is actually planted in the middle of the circle of newly mowed grass.


The kitty is now officially part of the pack. We adopted her. I think she might be thinking she’s a dog at this point. They all play together. And if they go out, she goes out. When they come back in, she’s right behind them.


President Obama met with the president elect at the White House a few days ago to explain things to him and assure a peaceful transition of power.  He knew some of us were disappointed, but he said we had to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off.  What a class act. Such dignity, offering whatever assistance he could to a person who rejected the legitimacy of his Presidency. I will truly miss the 44th President of the United States.





8 thoughts on “Forty Four

  1. i totally feel with you about the election. it hit me like a hammer in the morning… i still can´t believe it and wonder where all this will lead to…

    your sketches are so beautiful again and i like the Detail photo of the bird-of-paradise flower. fun elongated tree, too! and i´m sure the kitten will feel really well in your house.
    have a beautiful week, xox

  2. Your sketchings are gorgeous, Barbara. Beautifully done! I really like the colors you’ve chosen.
    What a lovely pic of your four sweet housemates. I’m so glad you adopted the little cat. She ist too cute.

    Thanks for your kind visit and your lovely comment on my mail art postcard!
    Gaby xo

  3. the picture of your dogs and little cat is so lovely, it makes me happy! your watercolors are really beautiful. I love those window pictures too!
    you ask me about my “markmaking” book – most of the pages are ready, some are not. perhaps sometimes i can write or paint more in this book.
    🙂 mano

  4. You must have experienced a tight situation within the last weeks. I only saw the campaign in the newspapers from Germany and was shocked as well about how human values were permanently violated in the way how the communication went.Therefore it’s espacially great to see your beautiful wallpaper around the open windows to look forward to the future.

  5. Yes, at your first watercolor sketch I also immediately thought of a wallpaper .. and your second picture is very similar to a Matisse! Nice!
    How cute the kitten looks between the dogs – she now has a good home with you!

    We have already frosty nights, unlike you – I wished the winter would not be so long..

  6. Good to get out and walk with your feelings on your sleeve so to speak. Nice to see your windows and wallpaper, so pretty too. The kitty does look part of the pack. Happy that you have a new critter, even if she thinks she’s a dog. xox

  7. Oh I’m with you–this has been a heartbreaking week. Obama is a class act. The future is uncertain. Thank you for posting the photo of your animals–what great faces they have!! And I love the window paintings. I don’t know of Raoul Dufy–I will go google him. I’m still painting and making lots of art.

  8. At least there is good news on the kitty. 🙂 I’m so happy you adopted her, Barbara! She’s a lucky girl and I wish you lots of fun with her. What’s her name by the way?
    Your watercolor looks lovely!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Julia

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