City of Angels

I haven’t had time this week to do any art, but I’m showing a piece I did a while back.  It is on canvas, and the background is painted in acrylic.  I wanted the borders to look like tiles, so I cut some small linoleum squares that I used as stamps. The idea for the center was taken from a book of drawings by Claude Lorrain, born in 1600.  I used watercolor for the tree and then highlighted it with some hand stitching.



The air is getting a little chillier at night.  We actually had more rain yesterday.  During this time of year, a temporary outdoor ice skating rink is installed in the middle of downtown Los Angeles.  It is an enchanted scene at night with the lights from the tall buildings.


I protested peacefully last week with 8000 other Angelenos who are distraught about what is happening in our country.  I had to park quite a distance from the starting point of the rally, so by the time we marched and got back to our car, we had walked nine miles.  All the practice I did to prepare for the Camino last April made it very easy to walk those long distances in Spain.  But now I’m only walking two or three miles a day, so getting back to the car after the rally was a challenge.  It was worth it though.  It was good to be there.


The waitresses in this restaurant came out to show support.



Finally, I went to a Christmas sale at a thrift store a few days ago.  I think they had saved all their Christmas donations from the last year for that day.  It was packed with stuff and shoppers.  I bought this little embroidered mat, and a six inch tree covered with tiny  hand-painted Santa faces.



“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”  Martin Luther King

Enjoy your week.  Thank you for visiting.




5 thoughts on “City of Angels

  1. i enjoyed the photos of the protest. Love the Christmas deco – and your art is so pretty and delicate. I just watch Life in a Walk – a son who asks his father to come along with him on walking the Camino. It was really good and I loved the scenery along the way. I was thinking of you at the time. If you haven’t seen the movie you might enjoy it.

  2. the stitching is a beautiful complement of your painting. love it!
    it’s good to protest with like-minded persons – I think it sustains! we have to do the same here in our country!!
    🙂 mano

  3. you got me with this tree, highlighted with embroidery. marvellous!!

    even here we are still paralysed with shock… what will the future bring with that narcissistic Person… mankind seems to experience a throwback the last years and especially now. so sad.

  4. Such pretty stitch detail n your watercolor. Talks the piece to a whole new level. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Xox

  5. How wonderful to be part of a large vibrant rally. We had a small one where I live–The Pantsuit Nation group is forming in our community–looks like there are over 100 women who have joined already. It’s exciting and sad at the same time–I thought women had fought and won some of these battles already–but this time there are bigger ones to fight. Getting off my soapbox now–Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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