November Chill

We had a very cold day here on Sunday, with wind and drizzles on and off.  A friend and I had planned last spring to get a booth at a flea market for that day.  It is usually so hot where the flea market is held, we decided November would be a good month, and last year brought us little rain, so no need to worry about bad weather.  It was a fun day in spite of the cold, and rain, and wind.  We had a covering for part of the space, and had to move anything perishable to the center.  We brought hand made items and vintage wares. This photo shows just one side of our selling space.


A couple days before the flea market, I saw a unique play in downtown.  It was three Latina friends getting together for Christmas, and sharing stories from childhood family Christmas gatherings.  The stories were funny, sad, hopeful, and all true. The theater itself only held about forty people, so everyone was very close to the stage.  But the lobby was enormous and beautiful.  The building had been a bank about a hundred years ago. A lot of the old buildings are being restored and made into apartments.


After sketching a few window scenes a couple weeks ago, I thought I’d practice painting from some Henri Matisse prints in a book I have.  I started out a little small, and the details were difficult to do in acrylic, so although I started sketching on canvas, I finished them with colored pencils. The pencils were fun, though. I had never used colored pencils on canvas.



Soon I will be filling this spot above my fireplace with Christmas decorations, but I noticed this wonderful shadow one day as the light came through a window.  You can see the shadow of the bottle on the left, but the shadows on the right seem to be coming from the etchings on the glass bowl next to it.


“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you.  If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”    Barack Obama

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7 thoughts on “November Chill

  1. love your drawings very much! I had never used pencils on canvas too – but it looks so fine! I think I’ll also try it!
    the building is really great and fleamarkets too. and the words of barack obama are so important!!
    🙂 mano

  2. only once i tried to sell myself on a flea market (together with a friend) – with the result i brought home more than i sold;) dangerous undertaking;) i hope you were happy with your selling.
    love this Special result on canvas. i also never thought of trying that.
    nice shadow Play and what a great Quote (i´m a collector of quotes…)
    have a nice Weekend, xox

  3. Oh, I love flea markets to discover and shop. You are always happy, when you have found something that costs little – but mostly you do not need these things at all.
    Crayon on canvas, which looks very interesting … I’ve never tried.
    Greetings from very cold Germany – Ulrike

  4. Nice sketches – … and that play sounds really good. I wished I live near LA to take in a bit more culture than we have in the mountains. We drove through there on the way to the coast – first time I’ve seen this area of LA in a long time….near City Hall – county jail, etc.

  5. It’s been cold and windy here. Especially day. I do hope your flea market turned out well overall. Lovely paintings and I can’t wait to see your fireplaces all decorated! 🙂

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