It’s Coming On Christmas…

Christmas is covering the neighborhoods.  These soldiers were made by putting four terra cotta pots together.  They were about three feet tall.



This display was at a shopping center.


Maggie, Charlie, and Lucy are ready for our cold night walks.


And a recent photo of Sophie.  She’s about four months now, and looking quite a bit bigger than the day I brought her home. She likes to be with the dogs.


A new mail art piece, with a little vintage embellishment.


I was going through some lino stamps I made, and pulled out this piece I had used some of them on.  It is acrylic on canvas. The deer stamp I made from a photo in an art history book.  There is some hand stitching and glitter added.


We had some beautiful sunsets a few days ago.  This is a view from my front yard.  The lights in the left corner of the second photo are lawn ornaments.  People love to put giant inflatable Christmas decorations in their yards that light up at night.


“It’s coming on Christmas

They’re cutting down trees

They’re putting up reindeer

And singing songs of joy and peace.”           Joni Mitchell

I hope you are enjoying your days.  Thank you for visiting.





7 thoughts on “It’s Coming On Christmas…

  1. What a lovely post! The photo of your dogs is adorable!
    Sending warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas, and much health and happiness for 2017.


  2. ahhh love those dog photos and your beautiful little cat looks so much like my torti cat Beanie when she was that age. Love the views of the decorations and i like your mail art. Your lino art intigues me – I need to look up how to do it. Nice to look at.

  3. gorgeous musings about x-mas here!! <3
    the dogs look cute in their hats! but i can´t believe that´s cold enough in LA for such attire 🙂
    beautiful mixed media art piece!!

  4. How cute, I properly had to laugh at the photo with your 3 dogs in winter clothes!
    I like your deer stamp very much, it is really special.
    Have still a nice, cozy time until Christmas, dear Barbara .

  5. I adore the photo of your dogs!! They are so adorable! I really like your linocuts-very nice. Beautiful sky photos. It’s always interesting coming to your blog. Maybe I will make it a new years resolution to start blogging again. I am going to try to go to the capitol on Monday for the silent protest if it isn’t just way too cold, but the forecast is only going to be 29! So I don’t know

  6. so nice Sophie has become good friend with the Dogs – they all look so cuddly together and being under the woolen blanket must feel so good for them.
    i love this deer stamp, it is so different from all the others seen around at Christmas. awesome! and the left, red part of the canvas is so, too… some of the flowers seem to have eyelike seeds:)
    wishing you a peaceful time, Barbara!

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