Looking For Joy

I am creatively idea-less. Possibly spending too much mental energy on ways to resist the oncoming negative changes after January 20th.  I had always meant to keep my blog posts light, but because of this president elect, I have never felt the concern for my country, and the world, as I do now.  It also feels strange to talk about my fortunate life, knowing there are so many Syrians struggling for survival.  But there is a joy in doing this blog, and I think doing joyful things sustains us.  I think we actually have to look for joy and be open to it.  I find it so often in situations with animals.  I saw a video of shelter dogs at a pet store choosing their Christmas toy from under a tree and then bounding through the store with it. Just looking at happy dogs makes me happy.

Below is a photo of Oscar, a dog at the shelter last week.  Fantastic dog.  I took him out to the play yard and laughed watching him chase after his toy.  I showed him to everyone that came in.  Hopefully someone adopted him and he won’t be there tomorrow when I go.  I can’t take him because I’m maxed out.  It would be difficult to provide for any more than I already have.

I received some special surprises in the mail recently that brought joy.  One was a hand stamped card from a blog friend.  It was not only exciting to receive the card, but going to my mailbox and finding a hand stamped envelope with postage stamps from Germany was like finding a small treasure.  When I was in elementary school my brother and I had a stamp collection. It was at a time when people didn’t do a lot of traveling like they do now, and the stamps represented exotic and mysterious places that we could only imagine in our minds.  Although I’ve been able to visit many countries as I grew into adulthood, I still love stamps from other places.

Another treasure I received was from my journal making friend.  A tiny one inch by two inch “treasures” book. Inside are equally small envelopes for treasures.

Since I am currently idea-less, I have a couple of older pieces of mine to share.  This was an old linoleum print I made. I carved a linoleum tile and then used printing ink.  Later, I painted a canvas with acrylic, and also applied acrylic to the tile to transfer the image.  I  added some hand stitching with gold thread and a few tiny beads.

This was something I hand stitched for my mom one Christmas.  I was reminded of it when I went to her house and saw it hanging.

No post is complete without an LA weather update.  We’ve actually had some rain and very cold days.  One night the wind knocked out our electricity.  I had to gather candles to put throughout the house.

And our local mountains are covered with snow.

Wishing you joy this week and in the coming New Year.








7 thoughts on “Looking For Joy

  1. I am so upset over the pres-elect and that it happened despite the majority of Americans not wanting him in office. And like you, it’s difficult to just carry on as normal, especially knowing that I live in a loving community and that others are not as fortunate. I stopped doing art back in November but have slowly been coming back into it.

    I really love your lino prints and lino mixed media. very inspiring.

  2. now I’m back from my blogholidays! I’m happy you like the card and the stamps!! I like stamps too, they have so interesting and beautiful little pictures and motifs.
    and I like your linoprint very much!
    happy new year and peace for all people all over the world!

  3. wonderful presents you got… i still love postal stamps and collect them, working in mail-art-style is so joyful. your linocut prints are awesome! the Piece with the Gold thread and the beads really is unique.
    wishing you a wonderful new year, let´s try to be confident, even if it is not easy. stay healthy and creative! xox

  4. Seeing your lovely ideas I’m sure creativitiy will come back. I think we all have a lot to think about at the moment and it’s very important to know that we are not alone with these concerns.

  5. “A problem shared is a problem halved” we say in Germany and I just want to let you know that I understand your concerns very well. I love it to look at all the little treasures you share on this post and I also feel a joy in doing a blog. A Happy New Year to you and your family and I’m looking forward to seeing your blogposts in 2017.

  6. You show again so beautiful things here in your blog … and I thank you also for your visits in mine.
    Happy New Year, dear Barbara!
    Many creative greetings from Ulrike

  7. I love your block prints–so nice. I am currently idea-less also and I think you are right–much preoccupance with which group to resist with and which battle to fight–there are so many that it is difficult to choose, but fighting all is overwhelming.I have found several groups on FB that offer many action ideas that I can do from home. Did I tell you my granddaughter is going to the Women’s March in Washington DC? I am so excited for her. Always love to read your blog–

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