Before the Rainbow

After the rain…

Before the rainbow, I watched the changes in the sky.

More rain is expected.

I went to a tiny funky restaurant a couple days ago to meet with other people from a political organization called It was near USC in Los Angeles.  It’s an eclectic area of LA.  The restaurant’s name was Revolucinario African Tacos.  The owners are a husband and wife, she being Asian and he being Algerian and an excellent cook.  It was energizing to meet with people of all ages and ethnicities to talk about how we, ordinary citizens, could make some beneficial changes to our democracy.  We will get together weekly, and build on shared ideas.  Initially, we will try to find similar groups around the country and work to get people elected to Congress that believe in climate change, believe that health care is necessary, believe in stopping voter suppression, etc. etc. for the 2018 elections.  The walls of the restaurant had money taped all over them. I asked the owner about it, and she said someone started it, and it just continues.  People will come from other countries and leave some of their currency taped to the walls.

I have been trying to find inspiration for something creative to work on.  In looking at some of my fabric pieces, I decided to go in that direction.  Maybe mix with paper, as I did in this first piece. I alternated strips of fabric with water color painted paper.

I love Post Impressionist and Expressionist painters. The next two were inspired by Cezanne. The first one is an applique from his painting titled, “Basket of Apples.”  The second one was just inspired by the colors in so much of his work.

Oscar was adopted!  I hope he is enjoying his life with a wonderful new family.

So, to close, I leave you with this.

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside, on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”   Milan Kundera

I wish you that peace.

Thank you for visiting.



7 thoughts on “Before the Rainbow

  1. the watercolor paper goes so well with the fabrics, and i really like the samples you made in cezanne style! so good Oscar has found a good Family. he will bring them joy for sure.
    and wishing for peace also, esp on this day of Inauguration…
    xox, johanna

  2. i am very impressed about your new work! I love the connection between paper and fabrics very much!!
    it’s great that you take action in these organisation – good luck for you and the others!!
    have a nice weekend, dear barbara! much snow and severe cold here!!

  3. I like it very much that you are engaged in this group, especially now, at the present time!
    And you have sewn very great fabric collages. You can be so wonderfully inspired by the masters, right!
    Oh, there are leaves on your trees … I’m already waiting for spring, because it’s just bitterly cold here, really deep winter!

  4. Yes, that’s a great idea to mix fabrik and paper. The colors of the fabric are wonderful
    Thanks so much, dear Barbara, for your lovely comment💚.

  5. I love the piece with the large orange flowers! Lucky you to meet up with like minded people!. I am sending you an email with a photo of a painting I made for a nasty Woman exhibit where I live. I think you will like it!!

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