Captains of Our Souls

I’ve been out and about in different areas of Los Angeles this week. I went to a miniature show in Anaheim, home of Disneyland.  I’ve always loved things in miniature, but I’ve never seen tiny things as amazing as some of the items at the show.  Everything was made by hand.  One woman had made tiny fruits, vegetables, and bread.  Each piece was about a half inch or smaller in diameter.  They were totally realistic looking.  You could cut them in half with a tiny knife and the insides looked real also.  You could even peel the skin off of these avocados.

The photos are not in focus, but I only had my phone with me, and picture taking was difficult with everything being so small.  You can see the seeds inside of the bell pepper, and in the bottom left, the orange peel is peeled from the orange.

Another seller, who came all the way from Dresden, Germany, made TINY houses, trains, clocks etc. out of wood. These tiny bears and children were about a half inch long and had arms and legs that moved.

The show had everything tiny you could think of.  There were also miniature paintings.  When I got home I decided to make something tiny.  I came up with this miniature “paper” quilt.  I used water color, acrylic and some lino stamps, then sewed the pieces together.  It is four inches by four inches.

Next I went to an area called Century City to see a photo exhibit.  It has a lot of very tall office buildings similar to downtown.  I used to work there many years ago before I started teaching.  The days have been beautiful, and the buildings were all reflecting off each other.

On to South LA for the weekly meeting with my grassroots political action group.  We sat in an outdoor area of a cafe where the shadows created some nice imagery.

We’re staying vigilant amidst the daily onslaught of unconstitutional acts by the new administration.

We are still masters of our fate. We are captains of our souls.       Winston Churchill

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7 thoughts on “Captains of Our Souls

  1. wow, love your miniature paper quilt! I have GOT to try this some day. Enjoyed your photos a lot – you seem to go to the most interesting places. Wish I could get to LA even Pasadena would do – just to see some “culture”, lol -instead of trees and snow, which is nice but overdone sometimes.

  2. The reflected high-rise buildings look very great, especially because they look completely shaky in the reflection!
    Very nice is also your mini-paper quilt … herewith you give me an idea …
    Weekend-Regards – Ulrike

  3. The tiny fruits and vegetables are amazing!! You have so many interesting things to do where you live. I went to a storm a town hall meeting last night but there were so many people there that I had to stand in the hall and couldn’t hear anything. Someone in the local area NOW group was videotaping so I hope to be able to watch and see what actually happened.

  4. Nice mini quilt. Miniatures are not really my thing, saw carvings on the head of a pencil once, they were pretty impressive, but I guess the patience to create all that is too much for me. xox

  5. i love These tiny fruit and vegetables! must Show this to my son, who is a Student of horticulture.
    your photos are great, especially the ones with the shadows.
    and your grid quilt sewn with paper is beautiful, too. 4×4 is one of my favorite formats.
    in my thoughts i´m marching with you.

  6. so tiny things! I have some little wooden animals from “erzgebirge” (ore-mountains near dresden). the wood carver there are famed for their work.
    best wishes to you and your political group!

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