Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand

I was one of the 750,000 in Los Angeles that attended the Women’s March.  We were lucky.  The weather was perfect.  The day before and the day after it poured.  The day after I was on the freeway, and suddenly the cars stopped.  There was so much water in one area, it looked like a lake.  All lanes of traffic had to merge into one lane in order to drive through the water at the most shallow point.

So many parents brought their children.  A good lesson of democracy in action.

In this shot everyone was listening to a singer named Thelma Houston sing her 70’s disco song “Don’t leave me this way.” She joked that’s what she would say to Barack Obama if she saw him.

A blog friend made this gorgeous painting that she entered in an exhibit.  She also had it made into posters.  If you would like to buy one, here is the link.

I haven’t had time to paint or sew, but I took a photo of the house next door that looks like a painting, and some photos of building patterns while I was marching through downtown.

While I was at the march Saturday, my husband texted me that he was making spaghetti for dinner and had also gotten some chocolate. When I got home he had the TV on. It was amazing to me how many countries participated in marches. I took off my walking shoes, sat down to enjoy some spaghetti and watched with renewed hope. Enjoy your week and thank you for visiting.


8 thoughts on “Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand

  1. very, very good, dear barbara! it’s great that so many people in your country (and elsewhere) take to streets for a better world!

  2. It was an incredible feeling to be marching with others who are resisting and to see it nationwide and across the globe. It’s a long road ahead and this is just the beginning.

  3. Dear Barbara, I was so impressed by the marches. It was just gorgeous and we are going to fight here, too. We are all responsible. When I think of M. Le Pen in France and the right-wing people here, I get really nervous.
    Have a good time.

  4. Oh, Barbara, what a good and strong post! Love you for participating the Woman’s March. So important. And you was in communion with my two american friends, Yutta and Barbara. Thank you for the fotos and the wonderful poster! Best wishes – Ghislana

  5. it still gives me a shiver when i see DT opening his mouth! i still think we are in a nightmare and will wake up with relief. but this won´t happen, i´m afraid.
    i followed the marches on tv, and yes, there were also marches in Germany. (and then his ridiculous reaction about the numbers… actually i´m lacking words for all that Comedy, which is a tragedy in real)
    the poster is gorgeous and i love the photos you share with us.
    peace ♥♥♥

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