Finding Diamonds

I went out walking every sunny day this week, before the rain started up again.  Along with the sun, there was a beautiful blue sky.

While I was walking, I found some diamond patterns to share with my blog friends in Germany.

When the rain came today, I sat down with my paper, paints, and the lino stamp I showed in my previous post. I cut out diamond shapes and assembled them into one large diamond.

I also went to a local quilt show today.  I am always amazed at the exactness in the sewing of professional quilters.  This first one was made by my neighbor.  She has made many many quilts over the years.

People around the country continue to organize in small groups, visiting their congressional representatives offices, organizing town hall meetings, writing letters to Congress and resisting.

“The man who removes a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones.”    Chinese Proverb

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you are enjoying your days of sun, rain or snow.

9 thoughts on “Finding Diamonds

  1. It’s fantastic how many diamond patterns you found. And it’s inspiring too to look for patterns around me. I never before saw it this way. Your lino cut patterns are brilliant! Such a perfect texture! And I was touched by your photo of the Camino.
    Recently I wrote a little bucket list and I also noted the point: “go on a pilgrimage”. Did you enjoy the tour?

  2. How nice that the diamond fever has flown even across the ocean! You have found beautiful examples in your photos!
    Beautiful looks also your stamped, patchwork-diamond … and I am also a big fan of fabric blankets.

  3. you collected wonderfuld diamond pattern – I love the 4th one very much! and your diamonds in a greater one ist perfekt for this theme!! I hope, you’ll find some early bloomers for the marchtheme by michaela!
    I love the chinese quote very much!!

  4. Love the photo with the tree and the wonderful blue sky! We are waiting to “wake up” here where I live. Right now here it’s all gray and rainy all the time. So this post lifts up my spirits.

    Have a sunny week!
    Gaby xo

  5. Oh, love your collection of diamonds and the collage… And yes, there were some so beautiful sunny days last week. Spring is trying to knock on the doors, but today wintertime is the winner again. But very soon… ;-). I like the quilt with the coloured leaves. Best wishes to you – Ghislana

  6. what a wonderful photo of the tree!! and i like the Diamond Patterns, esp the one forming a large one by cutting the papers into pieces. isn´t it funny how Diamonds seem to be everywhere now?
    just shaking my head here… yesterday DT spoke of an incident in sweden. WHAT? absolutely nothing happened there. “1984” had been a fairy tale compared with him…
    have a great week anyway! xox

  7. Wonderful diamond mosaic you put together. Like the pattern mix there. Quilts, that’s a whole other world to me, love them but would NEVER have the patience to do what these talented artists do…xox

  8. Hi Barbara,

    Love the photo of the tree and the proverb is so perfect for the times we’re in. I’ve been doing the same with calls and letters to my congress reps.

    I’m so inspired by your previous post on the linocut you made and the printing you did! So wonderful.

    wishing you a good week.

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