Here in Los Angeles we are enjoying spring weather, but the East Coast of the US is having a major snow storm as I write this.  They even closed schools in New York.  Snow outside my window would be very fun since we never get it, except in the mountains.  But for now I have  spring flowers to share. This tree in my neighbor’s yard is just starting to blossom.  Soon it will be covered with pink flowers.

A nasturtium in my yard.  The leaves are huge.  They almost hide the flowers.

I’m sharing a flower piece I made a while back.  It is all hand stitched.

In the following pieces I used handmade paper. ( I didn’t make it).  I stamped the colors onto the paper, and added some ink. After stamping the flowers in rows, I cut some up to experiment with different arrangements.

This next “flower” is just a dandelion, but so pretty. The rain brought a lot up from the ground.

And the last is a photo of some Gerber Daisies I gave my mom for her birthday.

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”     Claude Monet

“The earth laughs in flowers.”    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enjoy your week.







6 thoughts on “Blooms

  1. wow i love your hand stitched flowers. you are so creative. It inspires me to try something like that (some day)…nice post.

  2. I love the hand stitched flowers!! It’s amazing how you never run
    out of ideas. Speaking of flowers, there is such a strong, wonderful scent of the
    many blossoms coming out here in Ventura. At night when it’s cool, the
    blossoms are even stronger.

  3. you know you are lucky living in this Environment!
    i just love the applique work with the flowers in the vases. especially the Detail to see the stems through the decent White fabric. a wonderful composition.
    and i also like the pattern/s with the stamped rows of blossoms. beautiful design!
    wishing you a wonderful spring week!!

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